Bribery: Democrats New Desperation Move

Democrats have pretty much run out of runway.

Their impeachment farce backfired worse than the Mueller testimony. Remember that guy?

Democrats described Mueller as the most sage man in Washington, perhaps the world. But Mueller looked like Mr. Magoo once the Republicans finished with him. And where’s Bob “Waldo” Mueller today. Democrats don’t know and don’t care. Because they have a new shiny object: Ukraine.

Congressman Adam Schiff promised Americans evidence of Russian collusion by President Trump. But like Mueller, Democrats play amnesia when it comes to actually producing evidence of wrongdoing. Yet their Spruce Goose continues rambling down the runway towards the cliff.

Pilot Schiff set the engines on full throttle, as he added Ukraine to his bag of tricks guaranteed to get President Trump. Thus, the world witnesses “Impeachment Farce”.

Quid Pro Quo

Ironically, Schiff believes he could transfer Joe and Hunter Biden’s quid pro quo to Trump. Understand that Biden announced publicly that he got the investigation into the crooked Ukrainian company called Burisma and the role of his crackhead son shut down with quid pro quo. Schiff forbade Republicans or anybody else from asking questions of this obvious quid pro quo.

In what I predicted on my show would be a monumental backfire, Schiff brought in his “witnesses”. And in hilarious fashion, the witnesses revealed that they knew nothing directly of quid pro quo by President Trump. Further, they revealed that the Obama administration actually withheld vital funds and equipment that may have gotten Ukrainians killed.

The hearings got worse for Schiff and team when one Democrat congressman declared that hearsay “evidence” was better than first-hand evidence. What next? Will Democrats claim that DNA evidence is less reliable than bite marks!

Democrats change strategy

While transitioning from Russian collusion to Ukrainian quid pro quo, Schiff and other Democrats figured out that they were kicking their own asses. So they consulted experts in language and switched from accusing the president of quid pro quo to accusing him of taking bribes.

So as I predicted, in their zeal to perpetuate this farce, Democrats now find themselves in a real pickle.

Because people do know what bribery means. And now they must prove that President Trump enriched himself in his dealings with Ukraine.

A few people responded on social media.

Except the “bribery” referred to in the Constitution is the acceptance of bribes by the President. If the reverse were illegal, the entire State Department would be in jail. That is literally our foreign policy, pay nations to do things we feel benefit our interests.

And on that note, another person tweeted:

Are they SURE they want to live on that knife edge? It cuts both ways!

Another reference to the strategy shift recognizes the futility of this new strategy, given the documented evidence provided by Joe Biden. A person tweeted:

Hunter Biden received the bribe. Joe Biden extorted the bribe. yup, good move. much clearer now.

A few others tweeted thoughts I’m sure are shared by many.

It’ll be hilarious watching the media get the memo and start using the New Democrat focused grouped approved wording all week.

Russia collusion didn’t work, obstruction of justice didn’t work, abuse of power isn’t working, so we’re on to the next scam.

They’ve been relegated to throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks!

Things went so bad for Democrats that Nancy Pelosi alluded to pulling the rug from under this impeachment fiasco.

After Pelosi’s remarks trying to cover for Impeachment Farce 2.0, she was asked about actual impeachment. She completely punted.

She realizes the Democrats have taken this albatross as far down the runway as they can, and they are headed for the cliff.

Stay tuned as Trump pushes said plane over the cliff.



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