Buttigieg BLASTED by Blacks for these Comments

Little city mayor and Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has problems in the black community.

Recently, Congressman James Clyburn tried to explain away Buttigieg’s lack of support among older blacks.

Aside from admitting older blacks are homophobic, blacks have more than just sexuality as an issue with Buttigieg.

Michael Harriot, a writer for The Root called Buttigieg a “lying motherf*cker” in a recent op-ed. Harriot wrote the piece in response to comments made by Buttigieg in 2011.

Harriot took issue with Buttigieg’s assertion that black kids who are failed by the education system simply lack a strong role model in their lives “who testifies to the value of education.”

Partial transcript:

“You’re motivated because you believe that at the end of your educational process, there’s a reward, there’s a stable life, there’s a job, and there are a lot of kids, especially the lower-income, minority neighborhoods, who literally just haven’t seen it work. There isn’t somebody they know personally who testifies to the value of education.”

While I understand part of Buttigieg’s intent, the comment as a whole is void of insightful intellect.

Black kids see educated people living rewarding lives all the time. They have just been taught to overlook these people. Black kids loathe Condoleesa Rice, for example. Dr. Ben Carson, once a hero in the black community, is now lambasted. How dare these two examples declare themselves to be Republicans.

And what of the everyday workers, like laborers and black entrepreneurs? Far too many black children are taught to look past everyday workers. Instead, many black kids dream of being the next Beyonce or LeBron James. Perhaps they can, but that takes talent, cultivated by hard work, perseverance, and a little bit of luck. Luck one many times must create.

But it’s difficult to have such quality, when black kids are taught to be victims. To look for the “hook up”, not only financially, but academically. We live in a time where hard work was recently declared racist by Leftist academics.

Democrats like Buttigieg stole the soul from blacks. They’ve encouraged blacks to abandon initiative. So in many cases we rely on government to do our dirty (hard) work.

In the old days, if you tried to limit blacks, we worked harder. Blacks demonstrated an “I’ll show you!” attitude, a la Rosa Parks and many other examples. But Leftists stole our “fight” response; that attitude to never give up. Leftists replaced that attitude to one of capitulation. The new attitude for blacks is “Let the government handle it for me”.

Where do we obtain our attitudes usually? At home.

The problem for lots of blacks is we lack traditional familial structures. Mostly, we lack fathers. We are fortunate to have a father-figure. But Democrats take no fault for the destruction of the black family. And this destruction is what angers Harriot so much, though he likely hasn’t figured that out.

The “black situation” could change in America overnight if fathers stayed with their children and learned how to actually parent. Because of the number of latchkey kids in black neighborhoods, black communities explode with unwed mothers, lots of them teens. Having children young is a recipe for disaster, specifically financial disaster. Good fathers raise good daughters who know how to pick real men as fathers.

Latchkey children have too much idle time. Combine that with a lack of opportunities to create success and you get crime. High crime.

Buttigieg has been mayor long enough to know the problems. He’s solved none of them in his own city, but now feels ready to run a country?

Democrats have no serious candidates. Trump amplifies their flaws, because Trump actually addresses problems, and not from some politically-correct optics. He merely acts, favorably to America. And that approach proves successful as Democrats switch to Trump in droves. When Trump wins by a landslide, these numbers morph from ideals into facts.



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