Crooked Adam Schiff Releases Twisted Transcripts

Today, Adam Schiff approved the release of transcripts from two of their secret star witnesses. But do you think he actually released anything that paints the big picture?

Of course not! Instead, Schiff only released that which tends to favor the democrats.

No surprise there!

Due to the secretive nature, we have no way to know how many pertinent facts are redacted. Nor can we see how many people offer testimony backing Trump. So, just who are the first witnesses Schiff is ready to exploit?

The first was the former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch.

This woman was fired by President Trump, and acted surprised. Even though she boasted anti-Trump rhetoric and holds ties to George Soros.  Somehow, she thought she had job security.

In fact, according to the Gateway Pundit:

On Friday John Solomon (Fox News contributor) told Lou Dobbs about the fired ambassador’s links to a radical Soros group operating in Ukraine.

On March 20th Solomon published his interview with Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko alleging Yovanovitch gave him a “do not prosecute list,” back in 2016.

According to Redstate – Lutsenko told Solomon that in April 2016, Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s office was investigating a nonprofit called the Anti-Corruption Action Centre (AntAC). The concern was that $4.4 million the U.S. had sent to help fight corruption in Ukraine had been improperly diverted.

This so-called anti-corruption organization, AntAC, was co-founded by the Obama administration and George Soros.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Yovanovitch also targeted conservative journalists.

GP explains:

Starting in 2018 Yovanovich denied Ukrainian officials visas to enter the United States to hand over evidence of Obama administration misconduct to Trump administration officials.

Earlier this week Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch posted a list of conservative reporters Yovanovich was tracking from her office.
The list included the president’s son and several conservative journalists.

On Wednesday Tom Fitton told FOX and Friends that the ambassador put together something like an “enemies list” of conservative journalists to monitor from their offices.

No wonder Adam Schiff is jumping to release her testimony. She’s a political hack. Oh what planet was her word deemed trustworthy?

Schiff’s second release is no better.

Meet P. Michael McKinley.

McKinley was a former top aid to Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo. And here’s my take of McKinley. He got his panties in a wad because Trump fired Yovanovitch. He was further outraged that the state department supported the President.

According to the United Press International:

In his testimony, McKinley said Trump had told Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky that Yovanovitch is “bad news,” and added, “she’s going to go through some things.”

“I didn’t try to read into it or understand it,” McKinley told investigators when asked what Trump meant. “The words themselves spoke for themselves.”

Yovanovitch and McKinley both told investigators they hoped the department would support her in the face of Trump’s efforts to remove her.

“If you have the president’s son saying, you know, we need to pull these clowns, or however he referred to me, it makes it hard to be a credible ambassador in a country,” she said.

“My reaction was, well, there’s a simple solution for this. We think she’s a strong, professional career diplomat who’s still on the rolls, who’s still a full-time department employee,” McKinley said of the issue. “It shouldn’t be difficult to put out a short statement that’s not political, stating clearly that we respect the professionalism, the tenure of Ambassador Yovanovitch in the Ukraine.”

Yovanovitch said McKinley left his post because he’d grown concerned about how the State Department was handling certain issues, and because it was not standing by its officers.

Isn’t it ironic? Schiff only released transcripts from disgruntled Trump staffers. And, we can expect two more releases next week.

My money says Schiff will release more of the same.

The Gatekeeper

Republicans know the truth will back the President. But for as long as Adam Schiff is the gatekeeper of information, he will have a big hand in the public perception and the narrative democrats present.

I can’t help but wonder why Schiff is in charge of this impeachment inquiry. That’s the number one clue that this thing has already run off the rails.

As the Washington Examiner points out:

None of the material is classified, and those who have appeared before the panel are mostly diplomats whose testimony about a July 25 phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky would more suitably be scrutinized by the House Foreign Affairs Committee or the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

“There is absolutely nothing whatsoever in the whistleblower complaint that has any kind of intelligence component at all,” a top GOP aide told the Washington Examiner. “A presidential phone call with a foreign leader is not an intelligence matter.”

And what about the whistle blower?

It’s pretty fishy that this so-called whistleblower complaint shifted democrats into high-impeachment-gear. Before that, it was just crazy Nadler demanding impeachment as the only option. But at least Nadler is on the judiciary committee, so it makes more sense if he was in charge of these proceedings. Could there be another explanation? Could Democrats be so desperate to put Schiff in charge that they fabricated the whistle blower?

Now they’ve fashioned Schiff into Mueller 2.0.

“I call it faux impeachment,” Rep. Devin Nunes, the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, told the Washington Examiner recently. “By running it in the House Intelligence Committee, they’re trying to keep all of the information from the American public. And I understand why, because every witness we have that comes in bombs out for them.”

But liberals will do their best to keep all that testimony top secret. Meanwhile, Schiff just announced he won’t seek testimony from the whistle blower. Considering that’s where this latest witch hunt originated, one would think the whistle blower would be the best place to start such an impeachment inquiry.

But then, who I am to guess how this should go? I’m clearly following the laws of logic. And as we’ve definitely learned the past three years, leftism defies logic.


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