Elizabeth Warren LIES About Children’s Schooling

Senator Elizabeth Warren will never be president. And we can thank God and her record as a lying Leftist scumbag for that.

Warren lied about her ethnicity. But she pretty much lies about everything. An elitist who doesn’t dare give up her power. 

In this video, Warren lies by omission.

As the New York Post reported, what Warren said wasn’t totally true:

One of Warren’s main talking points on education is that she attended traditional public schools as a child. But that decision was likely more her parents’ than hers. The more relevant question is where she chose to send her own kids.

Until now, no one has been able to answer that question. Although Education Week tried, writers Alyson Klein and Maya Riser-Kositsky reported that Warren’s campaign “did not respond to inquiries about where she sent her children.” I e-mailed the Warren campaign the same question and similarly didn’t receive a response.

Why the mystery? Warren regularly reminds us that she attended and taught at public schools. She brags that she is “#PublicSchoolProud.” Yet not proud enough, it seems, to stop her from exercising school choice by sending her kid to an expensive private school.

So where did Warren’s Children Go?

Honestly, it wouldn’t even matter if Warren could address the question head on with complete honesty. But for democrats, it seems truth is a faux pas. Thus, the issue becomes whether Warren is authentic or selling the latest version of herself. Of course, we know the answer.

The article continues:

There was little information regarding her children’s K-12 educations on the Internet. But using her son Alex Warren’s full name and birth year (1976), I searched for school yearbooks on the premium version of Ancestry.com and found one record from 1987. The fifth-grade yearbook picture indeed appears to be Warren’s son, matching family photos online.

The record was from Kirby Hall School, a private school only a half-mile from the University of Texas at Austin, where Warren taught. It’s not clear if Alex attended Kirby or any other private school during any other year, but if Warren was willing to pay the cost, she certainly had the option.

Kirby’s current tuition is $17,875 per year. The school also boasts a student-teacher ratio of only 5 to 1; that ratio in public schools is three times as high. And every one of Kirby’s graduates goes to college.

People who can afford it also exercise choice by moving to communities with good public schools, as Warren appears to have done. A similar search for her daughter turned up just one record, which showed Amelia attended Anderson High School in 1987. Although it’s not a private school, US News and World Report ranks Anderson among the top high schools in the country.

Warren’s family’s educational situation is vivid proof of the need for school choice. In the same year, one child went to private, the other went to public. One size does not fit all.

There we have it. Warren isn’t as public school proud as she claims. But there’s no surprise catching Warren in a lie.

Serial Offender

It’s a good thing Trump came along to alert us about Warren’s true character. Before his election, I’m not sure I ever heard anyone call the Senator out for her falsehoods.

It seems she lies as often as she breathes. So, she’s not a Cherokee or a woman of color. She wasn’t a single mom. (Not even for a day, as Warren met husband number two before divorcing the first guy.) Her parents didn’t elope because of racism.

Cry me a river on this one, but she wasn’t the first “nursing mother” to take the bar exam in her state. New Jersey doesn’t even record who is nursing and who isn’t when you show up for your bar exam. She wasn’t fired from a teaching job for being visibly pregnant. Of course, she also said she walked away from that particular job, so even Warren doesn’t know the truth on that one.

And now we can add that her kids are the products of public school education systems. If I were her, I’d shut my mouth, duck my tail, and bow out before more dishonesties come to light. But sadly, Warren lacks the foresight to make such a move.

Instead, we will watch Warren crash and burn in all her public glory.




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