Geraldo Warns Impeachment Inquiry is the Ultimate Divider

The Mueller investigation didn’t work. Russian interference couldn’t put Trump on trial. So Democrats needed to shift gears.

Thus, a phone call to the Ukraine turned into a beacon of hope.

Of course, even leftists polls report impeachment isn’t winning over any voters. Even when Trump’s approval ratings fall into the 40% range (among crooked polls, no doubt), less than 35% of voters favor impeachment inquiry.

Obviously, this whole thing is just a way to divert attention away from Biden’s very real, totally illegal actions.

To be clear, Nancy Pelosi’s efforts will fall flat. The senate needs a two-thirds majority to impeach. Recall Bill Clinton’s impeachment? It fell apart without the two-thirds support. So democrats successfully passed guidelines for their impeachment inquiry, but they won’t make it to the finish line without a ton of GOP support, and the GOP isn’t tired of #winning just yet.

Still, this entire ordeal is a travesty. The only accomplishment this impeachment inquiry will boast is further dividing this great nation.

House Approval

It’s no shock that the vote to define the impeachment inquiry flowed right down party lines.

As Fox News states:

The House voted largely along party lines on Thursday to approve guidelines for the impeachment process going forward, a month after launching it. But Republicans alleged those leading the charge have been looking to impeach all along. And they drew close attention to Nancy Pelosi’s March warning — especially considering Pelosi even cast a rare vote on the resolution itself, voting for it.

Republicans argued that while she said in March any impeachment push should be bipartisan, the only bipartisan vote Thursday was to oppose the resolution, as two Democrats broke ranks in opposition. No Republicans supported it.

Pelosi even went on the Late Show to say House Democrats don’t “want to impeach,” as if Trump twisted their arms.

Geraldo Weighs In

Like most Americans, Geraldo sees the ridiculousness of this entire ordeal. In fact, he called this inquiry “grotesquely unfair and divisive,” followed by warnings that it will lead to “unprecedented political division in the country.”

Fox continues:

“The Speaker of the House, the Democrats have crafted an impeachment which is inherently divisive and made it so very unfair as to enrage Republicans and other fair-minded people,” said Rivera on “Fox & Friends.”

“It is so deeply and fundamentally unfair, I predict it will lead to the kind of Tea Party uprising we saw in 2009 and 2010. It will divide this country along partisan lines in a way we have heretofore never seen and I do not believe it will result in justice.”

Now what?

The next few months will put the Democrat delusions on display. We will watch Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and the rest of the looney leftists unravel as they relentlessly pursue impeachment.

But Democrats don’t see the big picture yet. Trump has a wild card, John Durham’s investigation. Soon, it will lay out the cold, hard truth.

As Kevin Jackson recently wrote:

For the past several months John Durham has been digging into the Russian probe. His inquiry doesn’t garner front-page attention, because Democrats have no ability to leak the results. Understand that if Democrats were privy to some of Durham’s inside information, they still wouldn’t leak it. Because just like the impeachment farce, Durham’s report brings no favor for the Democrats.

And while liberal efforts continue to fail, Trump will continue to win.

In fact, here’s a little truth in advertising for you.

If you missed this gem during the World Series, it puts everything into perspective.

As the video says: President Trump is changing Washington. He’s created 6 million new jobs. 500,000 new manufacturing jobs, cutting illegal immigration in half. Obliterating ISIS, their caliphate destroyed, their terrorist leader dead.  But the democrats would rather focus on impeachment and phony investigations ignoring the real issues. But that’s not stopping Donald Trump.

He’s no Mr. Nice guy, but sometimes it takes a Donald Trump to change Washington.




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