Judge Rules Child Molester Deserves Gender Reassignment

Our court system has long been infected with leftism. But this story really takes the cake.

A judge in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the state of Idaho owes inmate Adree Edmo a gender reassignment procedure.

So this man gets ten years in jail for molesting a young boy and he is rewarded with medical procedures that could range from $15-50,000?! There is some truly flawed logic in all this.

However, according to one judge, it’s the right thing to do.

As KCEN-TV reports:

U.S. District Judge B. Lynn Winmill’s ruling had the support of a panel of judges, who wrote, “responsible prison officials were deliberately indifferent to Edmo’s gender dysphoria,” which they said violated the Eighth Amendment.

According to the Law Information Institute, the Eighth Amendment states, “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”

Cruel and Unusual Punishment

So according to this train of thought, it’s cruel and unusual punishment for a man to go on living as a man.

Honestly, I think this would be an easier argument for a woman to make. Hello, we have menstruation and child-birth. What biological trait do men have that is so cruel? And don’t say “male patterned baldness” because most men rock that look. Just look at Bruce Willis, Taye Diggs, Vin Diesel or The Rock. Heck, our very own Kevin Jackson is a hotty without hair, but I digress. The point is this. It’s not that hard to be a man.

Further, according to the article, Edmo is scheduled for release in 2021. Surely, he could go on living in the body God gave him for a little bit longer.

Especially considering the governor’s plan to appeal the decision- Edmo will likely be out of prison long before the case is decided. So, why doesn’t Edmo just get out, get a job, and buy his own vagina.

Healthcare or Freebies?

According to Edmo, he’s wanted to be a woman so long that he’s attempted self-castration and suicide multiple times. I get it, the dude’s depressed.

Still, this shouldn’t be the burden of the state! Edmo argues that this is about “healthcare” for those in custody. But gender reassignment isn’t medically necessary. It’s an elective procedure. If the state is forced to cover this, what’s next? Boob jobs and teeth whitening?

I don’t deny Edmo has a right to have the surgery. Although I follow the school of thought that transgender is a form of body dismorphia. Thus, as a mental disorder, it requires intensive therapy. Instead of understanding the truth of transgender, politicians prefer to pass out entitlements.

I personally know of a young woman who struggled to tell her family she was gay. A few years later, she announced her plans to transition. She started hormones. I’m not sure if she went to therapy, or how the next year of her life unfolded. But recently, her Facebook post announced that she emerged from the dark time in her life, thankful to still be a woman.

Now, not every case will end like hers. But the mere existence of her journey points lends much credibility to the body of scientists and pediatricians that argued passionately about the problems with transgender.

In fact, just a few years ago, the American College of Pediatrics issued a statement linking gender reassignment to child abuse.

According to Glen Beck:

The American College of Pediatricians urges educators and legislators to reject all policies that condition children to accept as normal a life of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex. Facts — not ideology — determine reality.

“They say human sexuality is an objective, biological, binary trait, XY and XX are genetic marks of health, not genetic markers of disorders,” Co-host Pat Gray said on The Glenn Beck Program Monday. “Now that seems to fit in with what, kind of, the politically correct crowd is saying right now, that gender is just a state of mind.”

The basic premise is this. Giving children puberty blockers and hormones instead of treating the underlying body dysmorphia is a form of abuse.

It’s funny how adamantly leftists deny the connection. However, remember Michael Jackson? His father gave him puberty blockers to keep his high voice in pristine form. Why is it so easy to view Jackson’s chemical castration as a form of abuse? But we don’t acknowledge the victimization of children facing identity crises?

As leftism rages, there is no sign that this debate will end anytime soon. But no matter how you feel about gender reassignment, one thing should be abundantly clear. The government has no obligation to fund these operations.

Forfeited Rights

I think we’re forgetting one key point here. Adree Edmo is a felon. Back when he was still known as “Mason,” Edmo raped a 15 year-old boy who had fallen asleep at a house party. That’s what landed his butt behind bars.

Last I checked, being a felon forced one to forfeit certain rights. In most states, felons can’t vote, own a gun, gain certain forms of employment, collect government benefits like food stamps, serve on a jury or travel abroad.

It’s perfectly accepted that felons don’t deserve these things after violating the laws of the land. So, then why is it such a stretch to say elective procedures at the expense of the state are off the table?

The mainstream media will continue to praise Edmo as some kind of civil rights hero because he won a lawsuit. Conveniently, they’ve erased his real title: rapist. But this isn’t over yet. Idaho Governor Brad Little vowed to take this all the way to the Supreme Court. Let’s hope logic finally prevails.




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