Nikki Haley Slams CNN

Wolf Blitzer thought he could push his own agenda in an interview with Nikki Haley.

But Haley proved Blitzer is no match for her intelligence.

In fact, the former U.N. Ambassador condemned the never-ending media bias, especially surrounding coverage of the impeachment fiasco.

According to the Blaze:

In an exchange with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, the Situation Room host pressed Haley to respond to the allegation that President Trump unduly pressured the Ukrainian government to launch an investigation into his political rival, Joe Biden. Haley was having none of it.

“Show me the proof,” she said, adding “because I don’t see anywhere where the president heavy-handed the president of Ukraine and said ‘you have to do this or else.'”

“There is nothing that shows” Trump did anything wrong

Blitzer then tried to cut Haley off, but Haley stopped him dead in his tracks.

“Look,” said the former governor of South Carolina, “I know you all want there to be something wrong, but at the end of the day, there is nothing that shows he threatened or that he held their hands saying ‘we’re not going to release [the money] until you do this,’ and that’s the issue.” Adding, “that’s obviously the problem in Congress and why they can’t come to a resolution on this.”

Desperate Dems

It’s hilarious to watch the left try one terrible idea after another to get rid of President Trump. They are completely threatened by a man who came in and said we can do better. All because he got rid of one of the most crooked politicians in the history of our country. They should be holding Trump celebrations instead of nonsense investigations.

But what’s even worse than the behavior on the left is the blatant media bias. And people on both sides see right through it.


How ’bout a Prediction?

I think Nikki Haley is the woman to watch in 2020.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if she were to step into Mike Pence’s shoes.

Pence is a good enough guy, but he’s too timid to be part of the Trump administration. However, if he remains as Trump’s right hand man, Haley will certainly ascend to another top level position within the administration.

In fact, I think I see  Haley 2024 in our future. She’s already fielding hundreds of requests each month to speak at various events, and while she may not ask for $200k a pop, several websites say she can demand that much. Like Hillary Clinton, Haley is soon releasing a memoir. But instead of “What Happened?” I fully expect Haley to tell us what’s going to happen next. Because the Trump trajectory keeps pushing us up.





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