Polls: Trump CRUSHES Democrats Post-Impeachment Farce

Thanksgiving came early for Republicans, as Adam Schiff served up a turkey.

Whatever bump Democrats had went “Shawshank” and disappeared like a fart in a tornado. As one article declared, “witness after witness failed to connect President Donald J. Trump to treason, bribery, or any other high crime or misdemeanor.”

Adam Schiff ran his hearing like a Gestapo agent, but the public noticed the conspicuous absence of key witnesses. Namely, the Bidens.

After all, it was former Vice President Joe Biden who openly threatened Ukraine, giving them six hours to shut down an investigation into his son, or lose $1 billion of American taxpayer money. And unlike the supposed witnesses against Trump, none of whom had first-hand knowledge of any crime by Trump, Biden made his threat, first-hand and on camera.

Schiff’s witnesses consisted of disgruntled state department employees and deep state swamp rats who knew as much as about Trump’s conversation as the bartender at any local pub in America.

Schiff’s strongest witness, Ambassador Sondland never heard anything, so he was a bust. No quid pro quo from Trump. Biden on the other hand got his quid pro quo.

Multiple witnesses testified under oath that Hunter Biden’s received $83,333-per-month to serve on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian natural-gas company. Conveniently, Biden’s crackhead son secured this lucrative job as his father handled U.S.-Ukrainian policy.

And like with Hillary Clinton’s private server, Obama’s White House knew what was happening with the Bidens.

All hat, no cattle.

Polls showed that while the media helped gin up hype over impeachment, at the end of the day, Democrats were left holding the bag. Look at some of the polls:

Real Clear Politics’ average of multiple polls on November 10 — two days before Schiff’s hearings began — found that 51 percent of Americans supported impeachment, while 42 percent were opposed. A majority of Americans wanted impeachment, by a 9 percent margin. However, After 11 days of testimony and cross-examination, the tide shifted.

RCP’s average on November 21 showed that support for impeachment had fallen to 48 percent, no longer a majority, while opposition grew to 45 percent. The clamor for impeachment had shrunk to a 3 percent edge. And RCP wasn’t the only poll showing downward trending for impeachment, and upward trend for not impeaching.

FiveThirtyEight’s national-poll average found the pro-impeachment view shriveling from 50.3 percent in mid-October to 46.3 percent today. Simultaneously, opposition has climbed from 43.8 percent to 45.6 percent. Next, Emerson University polling dropped from 48 percent in October to 43 percent last week. Meanwhile, opposition grew from 44 percent to 45 percent.

Worse yet, among independent voters support for impeachment collapsed from 48 percent in October to 34 percent today. Opposition soared from 35 percent to 49 percent.

You don’t need to be a mathematician to see the trend lines here. But let’s look at one more poll.

In Wisconsin, impeachment polling dropped from 44 percent to 40 percent, while opposition has risen, from 51 percent to 53 percent. In short, impeachment is a loser in almost all the swing states.

One Democrat complained to The Hill: “After three years, the country was sick of hearing about Russia, and now the average American either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care about the case we’re making on Ukraine.”

I disagree. The country knows full well what’s happening. Thus the polling numbers. But things will get worse for Democrats after the IG reveals what he learned. We already know that a “rogue” FBI agent altered the documents. So now we get to see how President Trump handles the news.


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