Schiff Jumps Off Cliff: Open Impeachment Hearings

America may finally get to see what it looks like when a rat terrier chasing the presidential limo catches it. Because Adam Schiff now wants a public hearing on impeachment.

As I’ve heard it said, “Careful should be the naked man who jumps the barbed-wire fence”.

Apparenty, next week, impeachment hearings will suddenly be public. Both current and former officials are scheduled to testify.

“On Wednesday, November 13, 2019, we will hear from William Taylor and George Kent,” Schiff continued. “On Friday, November 15, 2019, we will hear from Marie Yovanovitch.”

You can bet Schiff has something sneaky up his sleeve, considering democrats don’t value transparency.

We already know Yovanovitch is a partisan hack and an Obama holdover.

As I previously wrote:

This woman was fired by President Trump, and acted surprised. Even though she boasted anti-Trump rhetoric and holds ties to George Soros.  Somehow, she thought she had job security.

Yovanovitch also targeted conservative journalists. And still she didn’t think she had a reason to be ousted. That’s the liberal logic at work.

So what will we learn of the others?

William Taylor already testified behind closed doors, just like Yovanovitch.

As Fox News explains:

The first public hearing will feature Taylor, the acting U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, who already testified behind closed doors before congressional investigators that the president pushed Ukraine to investigate election interference, former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, and their Ukrainian dealings — and that he was told U.S. military aid and a White House meeting were used as leverage to get a public announcement from Kiev that the probes were underway.

Kent, the deputy assistant Secretary of State, also will appear with Taylor. Kent testified behind closed doors last month, and told the committees that he had concerns about Hunter Biden’s role on the board of Ukrainian natural gas firm, Burisma Holdings, in 2015, but was rebuffed by the former vice president’s staff, which said the office was preoccupied with Beau Biden’s cancer battle.

So exactly what is Schiff’s end game?

These people already put their testimony on record. One might conclude Schiff is bending to the pressures surrounding his secretive hearings. But I don’t think it’s nearly that simple. I think Schiff has a few tricks up his sleeve.

But I also know he’s destined for failure. Thus, the GOP welcomes the chance to hold open hearings. In fact, some might say Republicans are downright giddy.

Fox elaborates:

“We’re glad to see that Chairman Schiff has decided to move his impeachment proceedings out of his top-secret bunker and into the public eye,” a GOP aide told Fox News Wednesday. “We’re confident that the American people will see that there was no quid pro quo and no pressure on the Ukrainian government — for anything.”

The GOP aide added: “Unlike Chairman Schiff, we have never had anything to hide and look forward to the opportunity to present the facts of the case.”

In fact, leading Republicans such as Lindsey Graham and Joe Biden would love to add some names to the witness list. Mainly, Joe Biden and his devious son Hunter. I’m sure Democrats will fight the possibility tooth and nail, but Trump welcomes the idea.

When the Dust Settles

This will end like every other democrat investigation since 2016. It’s going to waste a lot of time and even more money. And in the end, Democrats will be no better off. The only real question is what comes next?

Democrats didn’t quit when the Mueller Report failed. Instead they looked for scandal after  scandal. They’re even willing to fabricate the offenses. So we might as well buckle up. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.


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