Bernie Sanders: Democrat Nomination System is FIXED

Poor Bernie Sanders can’t seem to gain traction in his hunt for the presidency, version 2.0.

In the first edition of Bernie’s pursuit of the presidency, the Clinton machine derailed him. In fact, the DNC teamed with Hillary Clinton’s campaigned, almost openly.

Next, the media ignored Sanders comparatively large audiences to Clinton’s. Instead, the media pretended that Clinton’s small audiences mattered not. After all, Clinton brought gravitas, thus “electability”.

So while Bernie grew his lead in delegates, Democrats stacked the deck for Clinton with super delegates. In the end, Democrats made things clear to Bernie Sanders that he would not be the nominee.

Normally, here is where Hollywood gets the story of the little train that could. Bernie was supposed to pull that load over the mountain, saying “I think I can, I think I can!”. At first, Bernie feigned outrage at his treatment. Then Clinton invited Sanders to a meeting. Shortly thereafter, Sanders folded like a lawn chair.

He took his millions and road off into the sunset. Or so we thought.

Fast-forward 4 years, two homes and a couple of luxury vehicles later, and no Clinton. Surely Bernie would get a fair shake this time, right?!

The deck cleared of Clinton baggage, and America’s biggest socialist sellout could campaign unencumbered. Sure Biden believes, “It’s HIS turn!”. But Sanders believed differently.

So what there were 4 blacks running, America is ready for an old Jewish newly-minted-millionaire socialist sellout.

Women, schemen. Democrats tried a woman last time. Latino, schatino, who needs a Mexican when you have a Jew! Asian, schmasian, see last rebuttal.

And what of youth and the LGBTQ? Big deal. It’s Bernie’s time, dammit.

But Sanders can’t gain traction. And like last time, he complains that the Democrats’ system of nominating candidates is fixed. Or so says his campaign co-chairwoman.

According to Newsmax,

Nina Turner, co-chairwoman of Bernie’s Sanders presidential campaign, claimed the media continues to ignore the Vermont senator’s White House run.

“The Bernie blackout is real — it’s not a figment of our imagination,” Turner told Hill.TV.

“I don’t want to see any candidate blacked out but certainly not a candidate that is polling in the top one or two and certainly is in the top three of the candidates that could get the Democratic nomination. It is wrong and the system is rigged.”

The Hill noted Sanders aides and allies have argued in the past that the candidate has not been covered fairly and cite biased reports as a key factor.

Note to self: Democrats don’t just use the media against Donald Trump, but against anybody they deem unworthy. Sanders’ complaints highlights the difference between winners and losers, leaders and pikers.

Let me make this simple for Bernie Sanders and team. If you must complain, then you just can’t win.

Look at what Donald Trump did to the media. He CRUSHED them! Trump created his own media empire without spending a dime. In fact, he hijacked the Leftist media, making it his bitch.

What Sanders is admitting is his campaign is over. Even his partnership with AOC couldn’t save it. Truth be told, Sanders’ campaign was over before it started. No longer can he command the audiences he had in 2016. The “Bernie or Bust” crowds were long gone. And Sanders didn’t help himself by selling out in 2016. I have spoken to many former Bernie supporters who now see him for what he is: a snake oil salesman who profits on rhetoric.

But Sanders is right. The system is rigged.

Tulsi Gabbard points it out almost daily. How else could a young attractive, military veteran, minority woman not be in serious contention for the Democratic Party?

What Gabbard and Sanders reveal to the world is the Democrats fixed their system. Republicans solved their problem in 2016 when the least likely of candidates broke the fixed system.

And this is yet another reason why Donald Trump will serve a second term. He led a revolution.

If Republicans follow him, a much brighter future for the party awaits. But Democrats will continue to live with their fixed system. That is, until Trump breaks the whole damn thing.


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