Biden’s Latest Polling EMBARRASSMENT

This story in The Hill was supposed to be a Biden “puff piece”.

The writer tried to convey that Joe Biden really is relevant, and the polls prove it.

In the article by Julia Manchester, she writes,

Former Vice President Joe Biden appears to be gaining momentum in the polls ahead of Thursday’s Democratic presidential debate.

An Emerson College survey released this past week found Biden 1 percentage point ahead of South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg in Iowa, while a recent WBUR poll showed Biden just a point behind Buttigieg in New Hampshire.

Both surveys represented strong showings for Biden, who either fell behind or was running even with Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) in earlier polls.

The WBUR poll? Is this a radio station poll of callers? At least I recognize Emerson as a polling source, though I put as much credibility into them as I did 2016 presidential pollsters. But WBUR? WTF!

Understand that the former Vice President of the United States under baby black Jesus now leads a small city mayor in the run for the presidency. By ONE POINT! Well that’s a cause for celebration if there ever was one!

I don’t know Julia Manchester, but she must be a Democrat. Because only a Democrat would try to spin these polls as positive. A nationally-known former VP is only ONE POINT ahead of an obscure little-city mayor, and she calls this a win?

The article continues,

The newer results also put Biden in a stronger position to notch an early win or two ahead of the South Carolina primary and Super Tuesday, two election days when Biden’s advantage with black voters could help him rack up a significant amount of delegates.

Good showings in Iowa and New Hampshire, his campaign says, will help him all the more in South Carolina and on Super Tuesday.

Oh, “his campaign says”. Now I get it.

At least Manchester recognizes what most Americans sense, as she writes:

However, a Change Research-Post and Courier poll out of South Carolina on Friday could signal weakening support for Biden in the Palmetto State, where he has dominated throughout the cycle.

The survey from the left-leaning pollster showed Biden at 27 percent support, with Sanders on his heels at 20 percent, marking the first time in this primary Biden has not held a double-digit lead in the state.

Clearly Biden hopes black people will rescue him.

Buttigieg will never get the black vote, based on his own comments. But Congressman Clyburn illuminated looming issues for Buttigieg in the black community.

Frankly, none of the Democrats appeal to the black community. Most blacks will hold their noses to support Democrats. But surprisingly, many blacks will shift to President Trump. Nevertheless, the writer of this article tried to throw Biden another lifeline:

Nationally, Biden has seen his lead grow since early October, when Warren matched his popularity in some polls. Despite shaky performances at the debates and gaffes on the campaign trail, Biden has yet to be dislodged from the top spot in the nationwide polls.

Biden rides atop a garbage heap. And if the writer of The Hill’s article knows it. A one-point gain is truly nothing to write home about. Further, the idea of Biden still being first in a field of nags forebodes the Democrats’ chances.


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