Black Democrats HATE Black Candidates

Holy Mother of Aunt Jemima, back Democrat voters are racist…against black candidates.

This must be true. Understand that Democrats had 4 black candidates who got no black love. But it get worse, as noted by Front Page.

Buttigieg just launched his big outreach tour to black voters. And he’s made some headway. He’s gone up from zero to 2% among black voters in the Q poll. Cory Booker has been compulsively claiming that he’s not making headway or showing up on the debate stage because of racism.

Or, a lack of diversity.

And he’s at 1% among black voters.

Apparently when Buttigieg showcased the racism of blacks against the LGBTQ, blacks rewarded him with Kamala Harris’ black votes. So he doubled.

What do black Leftists like about old white racist Democrats?

I ask because while Joe Biden gets only 21% from white voters, he’s supposedly at 51% among blacks. I’d love for the tolerant and inclusive Democrats to explain to me their lack of support for their light-skinned Negroes with no Negro dialect.

Before Kamala Harris dropped out, she complained that America wasn’t ready for a president who is a woman of color. While she didn’t include Asians, Latinos, Pacific Islanders, and so on, I’m pretty sure Harris meant “black women”. So not only are Democrats racists, they are selectively sexist. Or perhaps Democrats have just learned their lessons?

What Harris confessed displayed Democrats’ condemnation of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. After the worst presidency in history and the worst potential president in history, Democrats had seen enough. So Harris said what many Democrats think. Thus, Democrats will not be stupid enough to vote for (a) another woman, or (b) another black.  And who could blame them.

Thought experiment:

What if Republicans had the choices for president that Democrats had. Put another way, what if Republicans rejected 4 blacks, 4 women, 1 Latino, 1 Asian, 1 LGBTQ, and 1 “other”? How would the media report this news?

If things hold, racist sexist Democrats will select a creepy feeble old white racist with a crackhead son, over all of the above.


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