Comey ADMITS FBI Withheld Pertinent Facts from FISA Court

Fox Snooze invited disgraced former FBI Director James Comey on with Chris Wallace. To his credit, Wallace pushed Comey on information from the IG Report.

President Trump wants an apology from former FBI Director James Comey. In the wake of the IG report and Comey’s tortured interview on “Fox News Sunday”, Comey partially came clean about the FBI he ran.

In the clip below, Comey admits, “He was right, I was wrong”, in speaking of the Inspector General:

Partial transcript:

Wallace: 17 significant errors in the FISA process, and you say it was handled in a thoughtful and appropriate way.

Comey: He’s right, I was wrong. Sure, I’m responsible. As a director I was overconfident in the procedures that FBI and Justice had built over 20 years. I thought they were robust enough. It’s incredibly hard to get a FISA, I was overconfident in those, cause he’s right there was real sloppiness. 17 things that either should have been in the applications or at least discussed and characterized differently, it was not acceptable. So he was right I was wrong.

Wallace: But you make it sound like you’re a bystander an eyewitness, you were director of the FBI while a lot of this was going on, Sir.

Comey: Sure I’m responsible for that’s why I’m telling I was wrong.I was overconfident as director in our procedures. It’s important that a leader be accountable and transparent. If I were still director I’d be saying exactly the same thing that Chris Wray is saying that we are gonna get to the bottom of this, because the most important question is, is it systemic and are there problems in other cases.

The FISA process is what began the Special Counsel. Along with Comey leaking secret materials.

The IG ripped Comey and others in the FBI and other agencies, causing Comey to admit that his lack of leadership in the FBI at the very least. Further, Comey alluded that the agencies practices leave the door open to many other cases being reviewed.

Trump tweeted that Comey’s admission on “Fox News Sunday” was only “because he got caught red handed.”

“So what are the consequences for his unlawful conduct,” he added. “Could it be years in jail? Where are the apologies to me and others, Jim?”

Interestingly, Democrats for the most part have moved past Russian collusion or even obstruction in the Russia hoax. Having set their sites on impeachment hoax, Democrats hope to save their sorry asses. However, as Comey’s semi mea culpa suggests, the Party of Lynching of Negroes must now confess to their wrong doings.

Below is Comey trying to minimize the impact of the now completely debunked Steele dossier:

Understand that Comey did himself nor his crooked FBI any favors in this interview. Like most Democrat psychopaths, Comey believes he can finesse himself out of trouble. But he dug a deeper hole for him and his party. And you can bet John Durham and team watched his interview.

2019 was a great year for Conservatives, but 2020 will be our year. There is a magical reason Trump will get his comeuppance in the year of “hindsight being 2020”. Because he will make many Leftists reflect on their loyalties, as he wins a landslide election and governs with control of both the Senate and the House.










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