FBI Closing Out Worst Week Ever

I think it’s time we start sending IG Horowitz some thank you notes. His hard work identified seventeen major FBI mistakes during the so-called Russian investigation.

From falsehoods and lies to blatant omissions of information, which helped obtain faulty FISA warrants, democrats orchestrated the meddling into our 206 election all along.

Fox News elaborates:

“Is it worse to have a foreign government trying to meddle in our elections, or is it worse to have our own government meddling in the election?” Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., asked Inspector General Michael Horowitz during Wednesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. “Because that’s I think exactly what this report shows. It shows that our government, the most powerful law enforcement agency in the nation, the FBI, effectively meddled in an ongoing presidential campaign.”

A conspiracy took place at the highest echelons of our government to try to stop Trump from getting elected, and when that collapsed, Comey admitted to having leaked sensitive memos to initiate the special counsel investigation, which ultimately found no evidence of Russian collusion or criminal wrongdoing by the president.

That was Democrats’ first serious attempt to block America’s time-honored tradition of transferring power peacefully from one party to the next following an election. This failed coup d’etat will forever tarnish the annals of history.

Cryin’ Comey

The most interesting part of watching the FBI squirm is Comey’s reaction. According to his book, he lives by a higher standard of loyalty and truth. Thus, such proof of Comey’s failures should have him cying in the corner. Instead, Comey’s taking victory laps at CNN, pretending the Horowitz report completely vindicates him. He even wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post. In it Comey claimed “the allegation of a criminal conspiracy was nonsense. There was no illegal wiretapping, there were no informants inserted into the campaign. And there was no ‘spying’ on the Trump campaign.”

But Horowitz happily chimed in to say “I think the activities we found here don’t vindicate anybody who touched this FISA.”

As we previously wrote:

Horowitz Destroyed Comey’s Legacy.

We originally expected the Horowitz report to come out in the spring. But the additional eight months were worth the wait. Especially now that Comey’s short-comings are on full display.

As Fox News elaborates:

Fox News legal and political analyst Gregg Jarrett asked a panel of defense lawyers and former federal prosecutors how ex-FBI Director James Comey will be remembered by history in the wake of the Justice Department Inspector General’s report on the FBI investigation into the Trump 2016 presidential campaign.

The answers weren’t good for the former FBI chief.

“Michael Goodwin, a columnist for The New York Post, wrote… J. Edgar Hoover can now rest peacefully because James Comey is now the most corrupt FBI director ever,” observed Jarrett on Fox Nation’s “Witch Hunt” on Tuesday.

“I think that that’s probably accurate,” said defense attorney Tim Parlatore, who represented retired Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher, whose war crimes sentence was overturned after President Donald Trump intervened in his case.

“You don’t make mistakes when you’re doing an investigation of this magnitude,” said Parlatore, in reference to the 17 significant errors of omission in the FBI’s application to surveil former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

“We’re not talking about a single person made a mistake. A whole team. A whole team,” he continued. “They set it up so that there’d be redundancy. So there’d be supervision and supervision from the top. And so the ability to bypass all those safeguards to make mistakes is just not credible.”

It will be hard for the FBI to recover from this mess.

They’ve lost public trust. And they can’t do enough to separate themselves from the swamp scum otherwise known as James Comey.

Meanwhile, we can expect Nancy Pelosi’s side show to roll out a few more revelations. But they won’t incriminate Donald Trump. It will just be more democrats hanging themselves while trying to take down a president.

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