Hunter Related Woes: Biden Blames the Help

After making a fool of himself at a recent town hall meeting, Biden realized he can’t duke it out with every person who knows this all smells a little fishy.

Thus, Biden came up with a new strategy for dealing with his son. He now blames the help!

Apparently, Biden relies on his staff to let him know when his actions might be questionable. And no one bothered to say, “hey Joe, it’s a bad idea for your kid to sit on the board of a energy company when he knows nothing about the energy industry.” Especially considering Biden’s tasks as Vice President included developing hh

I interpret this to mean Biden readily admits his inability to do his own thinking. Of course, that would explain how Biden flip-flops on every single issue we face.

Recall when Biden supported a border wall?

As CNN pointed out:

Joe Biden once spoke about jailing employers who hire “illegals,” said sanctuary cities shouldn’t be allowed to violate federal law, and argued a fence was needed stop “tons” of drugs coming into the country from “corrupt Mexico.”

Then-Sen. Biden’s past comments, which he made in the run-up to and during the 2008 presidential race, show an approach to the issue of immigration that could run afoul of the party’s more liberal wing as Biden seeks the Democratic nomination to take on President Donald Trump in 2020. It also shows how Biden’s long record in government can at times provide a contrast to where the Democratic Party has evolved in recent years.
Biden also switched sides on sanctuary cities. And let’s not forget that whole fiasco where Biden blamed racism on the lack of parenting in the black community. Biden has no idea which side he’s on.
But back to the Ukraine energy scandal. Biden has no idea how to cover up the criminal mischief of his son, and that’s just one more reason Biden’s campaign is tanking.

My Son, The Saint

Sleepy Joe still insists his son did nothing wrong. You’d think someone nominated Hunter Biden for sainthood the way his father tells it.

If only I had a dime for every time Biden’s repeated “my son did nothing wrong.” It wasn’t wrong to accept a 2.8 carat diamond from a Chinese businessman. And it wasn’t wrong for Hunter to ditch his wife to hook up with his dead brother’s fiancé. Then there’s the questionable choice of putting a drug addict in charge of a $40M deal. But according to Joe, the only problem is the fact that he was clueless. Joe just had no idea there would be a conflict of interest tangled up in all this mess.

As Fox News explains:

“Nobody warned me about a potential conflict of interest. Nobody warned me about that,” Biden told NPR in a story posted Monday.

State Department official George Kent addressed this during his testimony as part of the impeachment inquiry of President Trump, acknowledging that he told staff members there was concern over the appearance of a conflict of interest, but that no one told the vice president because his older son Beau was suffering from what was ultimately a fatal battle with brain cancer.

“They should have told me,” Biden says now. Hunter’s dealings and the elder Biden’s role ousting a prosecutor looking into Burisma are being used by Trump and his supporters against the now-2020 presidential candidate, even as Trump’s effort to press for an investigation into that conduct has spurred the impeachment inquiry.

“The appearance looked bad and it gave folks like Rudy Giuliani an excuse to come up with a Trumpian kind of defense, while they were violating the Constitution,” Biden said.

 I think I like “let’s do push-ups” Joe better.

Moot Point

Despite all this non-sense, Biden is still pulling in Democrat supporters for president. In fact, John Kerry just gave Biden his endorsement. I think that’s some kind of consolation prize, as Obama has no intentions of backing the sleepy creeper.

However, he could snag a hundred high-level democrat endorsements and not one would matter. Because Democrats don’t stand a chance against Trump.

Especially now with these impeachment hearings looming over us. This wreckless effort to impeach the President for nothing more than partisan hostility just sealed the election. Between Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff alone, they’ve ensured that every voter who picked Trump in 2016 will do it again. And this time, a whole lot of defectors will join the deplorables. We might as well go ahead and claim it. Landslide 2020.



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