Joe Biden’s Christmas Card Says it ALL

It sucks to be Joe Biden these days. Even Biden must want to take back this recent snafu of his “family” Christmas card.

Noticeably missing is Biden’s oldest living child, Hunter Biden. Has Joe Biden removed Hunter from the family? Cut him off?

Others wanted to know as well.

There was a response to, “Where’s Hunter?”, as this tweep offered a suggestion:

In the bathroom doing coke.

Perhaps my favorite tweet was:

When hunter becomes the hunted

Nobody would be surprised of such a bold tough-love move to cut Hunter off, given crackhead Hunter’s history. Hunter womanizes, even seducing his dead brother’s widow. I suggest to the Biden family that Hunter needed an intervention years ago. Instead, the family enabled their drug-crazed member.

But it appears the family rethought things with the picture. And to reinforce that Hunter was intentionally left out, only hours later Biden even acknowledges his dogs. Yet, still no acknowledgement of Hunter.

When we say Merry Christmas from the entire Biden family, that means even the dogs.

Ouch! Even the dogs, but no mention of Hunter.

The only question: What took so long?

The scandals surrounding Hunter Biden, 49, are fraught politically for his father, currently mounting a third White House run. On Christmas Eve, news broke that private investigators hired by Lunden Roberts, the mother of Hunter Biden’s 16-month-old child, alleged in a court filing that Hunter Biden is the subject of multiple criminal investigations. His lawyers called the accusation “a scheme by a non-party simply to make scandalous allegations in the pending suit to gain some quick media attention.”

Hunter Biden previously denied having had relations with Roberts, although the results of a court-ordered paternity test released in November confirmed he is the father. Joe Biden, 77, has so far refused to comment on the matter. Roberts, 28, previously worked as a stripper in Washington.


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