Oprah Exposed: What She Knew About Weinstein is Shocking

Apparently not everybody in the entertainment industry is a sell-out.

Seal just revealed a shocking revelation about the queen of talk shows. Now, we learn Oprah knew about Harvey Weinstein for decades and never said a word. You know what they say, silence speaks a thousand words.

As Business Insider reports:

In an Instagram post on Wednesday, Seal accused Oprah Winfrey of knowing about  Harvey Weinstein‘s predatory behavior towards young women “for decades” and doing nothing about it.

Seal, Oprah, #TeamKJ, #KevinJackson

“Oh I forgot, that’s right…..you’d heard the rumours but you had no idea he was actually serially assaulting young stary-eyed actresses who in turn had no idea what they were getting into. My bad,” the singer said in the post, which accompanied a meme of Winfrey and Weinstein. “When you have been part of the problem for decades, but suddenly they all think you are the solution,” the meme says, over photos of the two at events, one with Winfrey kissing Weinstein’s cheek.

He concluded with the hashtag “#SanctimoniousHollywood.”

When the allegations of Weinstein’s history of sexual abuse and harassment came to light in late 2017, Winfrey posted on her Facebook, saying, “I’ve been processing the accounts of Harvey Weinstein‘s hideous behavior and haven’t been able to find the words to articulate the magnitude of the situation.”

Later, Seal posted a bizarre video in which he stated that his post was “not an attack against Oprah.” However, he acknowledged his attack was against the “toxicity of Hollywood.” I’m guessing the backlash of dissing Oprah was getting a bit too hot for Seal to handle.

Still in all, the point is relevant. We have this whole group of people asking Oprah to run for President. Shouldn’t we know where she really stands?

Empowering Women

We all know Oprah claims empowering women is her passion. In fact, she did open a boarding school for young girls in South Africa. But the school isn’t without criticism. In 2007, seven girls reported 13 counts of physical and sexual abuse from their dorm master.

Further, many parents complained they weren’t allowed regular communication with their children. In fact, many reported they could only see their daughters once a month. It’s hard to understand how alienating children from their parents is a form of empowerment. But, perhaps that’s in-line with typical leftist thinking.

But what I find most perplexing is why this school only exists in Africa. According to reports, Oprah created a extravagant environment with high thread count sheets and movie theaters on campus. In fact, the digs were so fancy, many question just how far the $40M investment could stretch had practicality guided expenditures.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, another girls boarding school just closed its doors permanent. Oprah once spoke at their commencement ceremony. Thus, she is personally aware the school exists. Why didn’t the richest woman in the world step in to save a school in her own back yard?

Was it because it’s an American school? Were there too many white kids? Why didn’t Oprah want to empower the next generation of American leaders? For the life of me, I can’t answer that question.

Oprah and the President

It’s ironic to see Oprah criticize Donald Trump, considering their history. But Oprah is one of many A-list celebrities who loved Donald Trump until the moment Hillary lost. In fact, when Stacey Abrams lost her bid to become the governor of Georgia, Trump chimed in. “She had Oprah!”

As Deadline notes:

“You know, Oprah used to be a very good friend of mine. She used to go to Mar-a-Lago,” he added.

Trump told supporters Winfrey was a frequent guest at his Florida golf course and enjoyed the food there.

“She loved the key lime pie,” he said to laughter. “No. So do I.”

Trump and his family appeared on Winfrey’s talk show in 2011, before their apparent friendship soured.

Democrats are pretty desperate to find a real contender. Thus, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a big push to get Oprah on the ballot. However, my instincts say Oprah will shy away from a fight with Trump. She’s already seen the way he blasts everyone in his path.

Furthermore, there are many drawbacks to Oprah 2020.

There are many things to consider when considering Oprah for President.

“I love Oprah — love her! — but she is not ready or qualified to be the leader of the free world,” Sophia Nelson, author and political writer, told Politico in their survey.

“As compelling as her speech was … it isn’t clear she has the interest, energy, or commitment to run for the nation’s highest office,” Douglas Schoen, a pollster and former adviser to President Bill Clinton, said in the same survey.

Also unclear: any of Winfrey’s political stances. It is safe to assume she is progressive, but her positions on specific policies are not widely known. As Peyser points out, she seems to be pro-Israel, appears Obama-esque in her take on the American dream, and, of course, has been an important force in philanthropy — for example, donating $10 million to Hurricane Katrina relief efforts and founding a school for girls in Africa. But we don’t know precisely what she thinks about issues such as health care, foreign policy, or taxes.

Winfrey supported Obama over Clinton in 2008 and somewhat tepidly backed Clinton in 2016.

In other words, we have no idea where Oprah really sits on the political spectrum. Which makes her a pretty dangerous choice in these times of definite political divide.



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