Pelosi KILLS Impeachment Vote

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi never wanted to impeach President Trump. But since she has no control over the rogues in the Party of Lynching of Negroes, she must make put lipstick on the bulldog named Impeachment.

Thus, she killed the impeachment vote. I know that’s not what the news reported. They claim she “delayed” the vote. In fact, we were told that she’s doing this in the spirit of the holidays.

“Merry Xmas, America” from the Speaker of the House.

The present of good tidings are for Democrats. Despite whatever polls you may be served, understand that impeachment–like almost all the coup tactics of Democrats–backfired.

House Democrats were quick to announce an impeachment inquiry against President Trump, and they chose now to slow-walk it?

Pelosi didn’t even bother to explain why she was “delaying” the formal vote. But as I said on my radio show, “Democrats would be crazy to vote on impeachment!”. I will get into my reasons in a bit. But one congressional aide said the delay is in part due to political stubbornness.

Supposedly, Pelosi now positions that Trump is trying to bully the Democrats into a vote. Thus, by holding such a vote now, House Democrats might give the impression that they are giving in to Trump’s demands.

To be clear, Democrats started an impeachment process, but Trump is the bully by daring them to actual finish the process? If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: WITCH HUNT!

Back to my reasoning around the “no vote”.

Pelosi doesn’t want a vote because a floor vote forces the Democrats’ hands in a few ways.

First, a floor vote showcases which side certain Democrats are on with impeachment. So if the polls were truly great for impeachment, then Democrats would happily support it. But since in reality, impeachment is an albatross necklace, Democrats in tough races don’t want the jewelry. Delaying the vote hurts Democrats in the primaries and only delays the inevitable in the general election.

In short, Pelosi knows that more than two Democrats will defect in a floor vote. And that would not look good for her or her party.

Second, a floor vote forces the Senate to act. And the Senate will expose the sham perpetrated by the House. Rumor is that Adam Schiff would be the Senate’s first witness. But what of other potential witnesses? Those not called by Schiff.

Try to imagine crackhead Hunter Biden under oath, facing the scrutiny of Republicans. If you think Joe Biden talking about roaches and his hairy legs was a deal-breaker, wait until the Senate gets ahold of Hunter B.

And what of Schiff? He would most certainly be forced to lie about his dealings in all of this. Frankly, Republicans could seal this deal calling ONLY Schiff. He spoke with the “whistleblower”, then orchestrated the rest of the Ukraine charade.

My first question to Schiff would be, “Where is the proof you said you had against President Trump on Russian collusion?”

So what’s the “delay” all about?

Most likely, Pelosi hopes that Democrats can continue the sham. But she may also know that the report by John Durham has the potential to further damage the reputation of Democrats.

A floor vote would also force the Senate to weigh in on the impeachment debate sooner.

So expect the “delay” to turn into a kill.

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