Poll Shocker: Trump CRUSHES Democrats Head-to-Head

As Colonel Jessup said [to Democrats], “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!”.

Horrible news for Democrats post-Impeachment Hoax. According to Newsweek,

President Donald Trump is beating all Democratic primary frontrunners in three key battleground states despite the ongoing impeachment inquiry, according to a new poll.

The latest survey by Republican public affairs firm Firehouse Strategies and Optimus puts the commander-in-chief ahead of his would-be Democratic challengers by significant margins with likely voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

All three states voted marginally in favour of Trump over his rival and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, with Michigan electing him by a margin of just 0.3 percentage points.

Firehouse Strategies’ latest quarterly polling of the battleground states shows that history could repeat itself in 2020, with Trump beating leading Democratic primary candidate Joe Biden by five points among likely voters in the state.

How long ago was it that Trump couldn’t beat almost any Democrat in head-to-head matchups?

Here’s what ABC reported as late as Sept of this year:

Five Democratic contenders lead Donald Trump in head-to-head matchups in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, with several widening their advantage since July. Concerns about the economy, which have pushed down the president’s job approval rating, are a factor.

Among those tested in the survey, Joe Biden leads Trump by 16 percentage points among all adults, 54-38%, essentially the same as two months ago. Bernie Sanders leads by 12 points, up from 6 in July; as does Elizabeth Warren by 11 points, compared with a slight 7 points previously. Kamala Harris leads by 10 points, while Pete Buttigieg has a slight 6-point edge.

Of course, we know the democrats are all hat no cattle. Two weeks ago, we noted the major shift in the polls.

Polls showed that while the media helped gin up hype over impeachment, at the end of the day, Democrats were left holding the bag. Look at some of the polls:

Real Clear Politics’ average of multiple polls on November 10 — two days before Schiff’s hearings began — found that 51 percent of Americans supported impeachment, while 42 percent were opposed. A majority of Americans wanted impeachment, by a 9 percent margin. However, After 11 days of testimony and cross-examination, the tide shifted.

Still, democrats kept pretending to have the numbers.

Do you think anybody really believed this nonsense?

16 point lead by Biden over Trump. Thus the desperation shown by Jeff Bezos to beg former NYC Mayor Michael “Sugarless” Bloomberg to enter the fray? And what of the supposed recent overtures made of Hillary Clinton to get Asskicking 2.0?

If the Democrats are so strong, then why doesn’t a champion emerge?

Warren was supposed to be surging, but she’s apologizing (again) for lying about her heritage. Buttigieg leads in IA, but black people in South Carolina don’t like his LGBTQ creds. Do you really believe America will vote for a failed small city mayor over Donald Trump?

But now we hear we get actual truth. Trump leads the top Democrats in crucial battleground states. For example, Trump leads progressive challengers Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders in the state by nine and six points respectively, according to the new poll.

Former vice president Biden’s moderate contenders Pete Buttigieg and late entrant Michael Bloomberg trail Trump by the largest margins in Michigan, with both polling 11 percent behind the president.

But in Pennsylvania estimates are less dire for the centrist contenders. In the state that voted 48 percent for Trump and 47 percent for Clinton in 2016, Buttigieg and Bloomberg are six and four percentage points behind the president respectively, while Biden trails by five points.

Trump by 5…minimum.

A far cry from the September poll by ABC.

Pelosi and company killed the Democratic Party. And by election time, it will be overkill.



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