SCARY Statistics From Trump’s Rally in PA

If Democrats need proof that Impeachment Hoax and the attempted coup of President Trump failed, just look at the numbers at the Pennsylvania rally.

First, the rally was in Hershey, PA. The population of Hershey PA is under 15,000. However, the rally with the president hosted 23,207 identified voters. For Leftists who struggle with math, that means the rally had more people than the entire town of Hershey, PA.

How is that even possible, right?

Given the numbers, clearly some of the PA attendees likely came from nearby Harrisburg, PA. But understand that Harrisburg, PA has a population just over 49,000.

Let’s recap for the Leftists who have trouble with numbers.

23,000+ people attended the rally in a town of only 15,000. So if the whole town of Hershey attended, that still leaves 8,000 others who obviously came from elsewhere, likely Harrisburg. If the remainder came from Harrisburg (we know they all didn’t), that would constitute over 16% of Harrisburg’s population.

Another startling statistic from the rally.

Of these 23,000+ voters, 82.5% were from PA. This means that almost 18% of voters were NOT from PA. Put another way, these people were so motivated to see President Trump, they drove from elsewhere, fighting traffic and weather to fill a town of 15,000 to well over 23,000.

But the numbers get worse from a Democrat perspective. And it has to do with the makeup of the crowd.

For example, of the attendees, only 20% voted in 1 of last 4 elections. So President Trump has invigorated a population of quasi-voters. These are tire-kickers who no longer will stand on the sidelines. It’s safe to say that this bloc of voters will vote in 2 of the next 5 elections after the presidential election of 2020 is over.

Next, we learned that 9% of the attendees voted in NO elections. So again, President Trump inspires a new set of voters to vote for the first time. Could this 9% possibly constitute part of the youth vote? Or again, does this number encompass disenfranchised voters who are now interested. Either way, this stat doesn’t bode well for Democrats.

Another data point that should shock Democrats isĀ 20.3% of the Hershey rally attendees were Democrats. If 1/5th of Democrats are considering Trump, this may be worse than losing the black vote.

Speaking of blacks and other minorities, let’s examine the final statistic from the rally.

18% of rally attendees were non-white. I don’t have more data on this, but you can bet this rally had quite a few blacks.

While Democrats embarrassed themselves further with Impeachment Hoax, President Trump drew an unbelievable audience of 23,000 in a town of less than 15,000. No Democrat poll would dare look at these number. And no Democrat running against President Trump could draw these numbers.





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