Why Donald Trump WILL WIN in 2020

In case you missed the memo, Donald Trump will win the presidency again in 2020. With ease.

I refuse to endorse most of the modern-day presidents, including Republican presidents. But I was a huge fan of Ronald Reagan, and I more than admired the man.

Reagan is the reason I wrote an article a while back on why American needs a white Republican president. Though the Left went crazy, I believe it now more than ever.

When Obama occupied the White House, Americans got nothing but excuses. To call Obama the “Affirmative Action” president doesn’t properly describe his tenure. The man could have nuked middle America to the applause of the both coasts. Metaphorically, Obama indeed nuked the Midwest.

His presidency failed miserably by any reasonable standards, yet Leftists exalt this clown. Anybody, repeat anybody can spend $10 trillion, doubling the debt and keep the wheels on the wagon. But Obama coasted through his presidency. He didn’t address any critical issues to recharge the American economy. Actually, Obamacare hurt the economy. The only good thing Obama did for America was to unintentionally elect Donald Trump president.

I dare any Leftist to convince me that if Obama were attacked to the degree that Trump is, that weak-kneed sissy would have survived two terms.

No more grading on a curve

But now we have a white Republican president. And not of the ilk of the Bushes. America has a white Republican president willing to call things as he sees them.

Out of the gate Trump exposed Obama as an economic fraud with the Carrier deal. And each passing day, Trump doubles-down on that notion, as the Trump economy booms. An economic extravaganza despite Obama’s declaration that manufacturing jobs would not return to America. Further, Obama set the ceiling on GDP at 2 percent, which Trump’s economy easily punched through.

So much for Obama’s economic credibility.

The Trump economy vibrates with enthusiasm. And Trump’s economy guarantees him a victory in 2020. As USA Today reports:

A USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll this month asked Americans if they thought things would get better or worse in their own lives in 2020. By an overwhelming 80% to 11%, they predicted their lives would be better. That optimism stretched across demographic lines, although men had a more positive outlook than women (83% vs. 76%) and Southerners a more positive outlook than Midwesterners (84% vs. 74%).

Those are strong numbers. And bet the farm that Democrats realize just how “bad” these great numbers are for their party’s prospects to regain the Oval Office in 2020.

In fact, Democrats will be lucky to maintain the House.

The article continues,

In follow-up interviews, those surveyed often mentioned the strong economy when asked what’s ahead for them.

“My life’s going pretty well,” said Alex Foss, 28, a construction inspector from Lakeland, Florida. “I’m under 30, and I’m making more money each year.” He sees fellow millennials in his neighborhood buying homes and starting families.

By about a 3-to-1 ratio (63% vs. 22%), those surveyed also predicted things would get better next year for their communities…

3-to-1 believe things will get better. What optimism!

One can only imagine how this optimism translates in the voting booth. But I’m betting on

Asked about the country’s prospects, respondents tended to mention President Donald Trump.

Amy Locklear, 45, a retired teacher and Army veteran from Maxton, North Carolina, said she’s optimistic as long as Trump stays in office. “He gets things done,” she said. “I just want someone who does what they’ve promised.”

How do small businesses view President Trump’s performance?


A national economic optimism index of small business owners reached its highest level ever, up 162 percent since the final months of President Obama’s two terms.

The Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index (began in 2003) shows +142 under President Trump. This number compares to +54 at the end of the Obama administration. According to the survey,

“When owners are asked a broad question about their financial outlook ‘for your business’ over the next year, 77% say they are more optimistic than pessimistic”.

Small businesses are the largest employer in America. Their optimism drives the earlier report of the every day American’s optimism. Even the nation’s largest labor union now backs Trump- which hasn’t happened in decades.

So despite all the genned up fake news controversies tried by the Left, the saying, “It’s the economy, Stupid” remains true. And for Leftists who believed in the anemic, quantitative-eased economy of Obama, Trump bulldozed their dreams.

No longer do most of these former economic dolts believe that Trump inherited a strong economy from Obama. Trump engendered America’s current economic boom and built the strongest economy ever.



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