Biden Plays Race Card at Black Church

Joe Biden walked into a black church and played the race card.

If you are waiting for the punchline, I assure you, this is no joke.

The Bethlehem Baptist Church in South Carolina experienced Biden’s bull up close and personal. There, he gave a speech tackling race relations. Biden warned that we face impending doom and gloom.

As Fox News Reports:

Biden’s brief address the weekend of Martin Luther King Jr. Day included tales of the Civil Rights Movement while expressing fear that the progress made during the 1960s was unraveling, at least in part due to President Trump.

“Folks, some mornings I wake up and I think it’s more like what it must have been in 1920 than 2020,” Biden said.

He went on to recall the efforts and success of the Civil Rights Movement, saying that at the time people “thought we began to move and that civil rights was beginning to make some real progress.”

Biden forebodingly claimed that this progress was part of a movement that “has not been able to be stopped until recently,” warning that while “I thought you could defeat hate … hate only hides.”

Biden is correct, some days it’s more like 1920. But he’s blaming the wrong party.

This reminds me of the time Al Gore said he invented the internet.

In fact, it reminds me of every other time a Democrat opens their mouth. As the words are always sandwiched between utter lies.

Fox Continues:

The 2020 presidential hopeful then referenced the conflict that took place at the 2017 Unite the Right white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va., in which a woman was killed during clashes between rally participants and counterprotesters.

Biden then mentioned President Trump’s initial response to the Charlottesville incident, in which he referred to “very fine people on both sides,” drawing widespread criticism.

“What I realized is that hate just hides,” Biden said after recalling this. “And it when it comes out from under the rocks, when it gets a little bit of oxygen.”

The former vice president then went even further in connecting Trump to racism.

“This president and his–the Ku Klux Klans and the rest of them, they think they’ve beaten us again but they have no idea. We’re just coming back.”

Once again, the left twists the narrative. Biden wants voters to associate Trump with the KKK. But Trump made it clear long ago that he wasn’t calling neo-Nazis very fine people. Instead, he was referring to those who opposed the removal of Confederate statues. But Biden needs something to attack Trump with. Thus, he clings to the claims of presidential racism.

Obama vs. Trump

Sadly, millions of voters thought Obama would make black life better. Instead, the economy tanked. Jobs were lost. And civil liberties took a step back in time.

Black voters entered the Trump era with caution. But soon, Trump’s “Hire American” policy lead the black community to trust President Trump.

Not only did Trump work hard to hire Americans in the workforce, but he also paved the way for education to be more attainable.

In fact, in 2018, Trump signed an executive order to bolster historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). Clearly, this is something most people expected Obama to accomplish. But Obama

In fact, the Party of Lynching of Blacks falls short in many areas. Jobs and education only scratch the surface. But while Trump works on solutions, the left tried to paint him as a racist.

I’m not sure why liberals work so hard to throw Trump under the bus. It didn’t win them the election in 2016 and it won’t help them in 2020.

As Former NFL player Jack Brewer said:

“There is an awakening going on right now in the country. I’m going to take the guy who’s actually putting in the policies that are going to make life better for my young black son and my young black daughter, versus somebody who gives me lip service — like, unfortunately, the Democrats have done for our community for years.”

Ironically, Brewer once raised money for Obama’s campaign. But like many blacks, he switched sides when he saw a president capable of results.

Back to Biden

Trump obliterated every record Obama set, especially in terms of serving the black community. In fact, Trump quadrupled Obama’s work in half the time. So why would America trust the guy who was Obama’s right hand man?

Even Obama doesn’t trust Joe to run the show. And Biden’s so-called homage to the iconic Martin Luther King, Jr. is nothing but a political ploy.

Biden actually said:

“we gotta stand up and we gotta fight,” stealing the words right out of MLK’s famed “I have a dream” speech.

“Dr. King didn’t give up on the dream,” he said. “And I’m asking you all, don’t give up on it. Don’t give up now. We can defeat this moment of hate.”

But here’s the deal. The black community isn’t giving up. And that’s exactly why they’ll cast their votes for Donald Trump.

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