Democrat Woes: Creepy Joe Biden’s DISMAL Crowds

Former Vice President Joe Biden had it all, at least according to Leftists. Biden worked under a man Democrats consider the best president ever.

Barack Obama resurrected Biden’s pathetic career. But when Obama selected Biden many people believed he lost a bet during a drinking game. After 8 years of this less than dynamic duo, I speak for many Americans when I say I felt the country was led by a couple of drunks.

The smart thing for Biden would have been to end his political career on a theoretical high note. Ride Obama’s coattails into the fake news history books. But Biden still had that political itch. Amazingly, even after he watched Trump use Hillary Clinton’s buttocks to wipe the floor, Biden wanted back in the game. What makes Biden think things would be different for him?

The impact of Clinton’s loss is immeasurable for Leftists. A Clinton win and Trump would be jailed for Russian collusion, and the Bidens would be building their empire much like the Clintons: extorting countries and putting family on boards of major companies all over the world. But Clinton’s loss has Democrats scrambling to put the genie back in the bottle. Their last, yes very last hope is to wrestle the presidential seal from Trump in one of two ways.

First, impeachment. And as we all know, impeachment failed. Game. Set. Match. Impeachment optics go to Trump. Thus Democrats return to the drawing board and focus on winning in 2020.

Second, Trump dies. Because short of his death, Trump guaranteed himself a victory in 2020 with his stellar performance. And call me a Bible-thumping zealot, but I sincerely believe God takes amazing care of President Trump.

All this said, Democrats have two chances to win in 2020: slim and none.

The Democrats garner no passion with any candidates, especially their so-called frontrunner. As the Des Moines Register reporter Stephen Gruber-Miller showed in this tweet, Biden only gets dozens of people to his events:

The Des Moines Register published dozens of photos from the event, but all are tightly composed to make the attendance look bigger than it was. However, we have the proof, as  the photo published on Twitter was shot from the back of the room.

Put another way, there is no need to fudge the numbers at Trump rallies.

I wrote recently about Trump’s rally in Hershey PA. Over 23,000 people showed up in a town of under 15,000. One thing I left out of that post is the fact that had the highway patrol not shut down areas of the freeway, thousands more would have been outside the arena waiting to hear the president. A friend of mine who lives and works in the area updated me on this fact.

If you add up all the Democrats’ events over the past 3 months, the combined total wouldn’t surpass what Trump accomplished (audience-wise) at ONE event. For Democrats, there is no smoke. No smoke, no fire.

But Trump’s events look like towering infernos. They have all the appeal of a rock concert, and in fact Trump breaks attendance records at almost every venue.

Call this what you want, but I must say that I’m convinced Trump-mania is real. Sadly for Democrats, they offer nothing close.

If Biden gets the nod, he won’t bring groups of more than hundreds, at least nobody who is not paid to attend.



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