Democrats Offer a SURPRISING New Up and Comer

Hey Democrats, your desperation is showing. Again. And not just with #ImpeachmentFarce.

Certainly impeachment represents a huge embarrassment for Democrats. Most Democrats would love to put this fiasco behind them.

First, Democrats have NO legal basis for impeachment as no crime has been committed. Voters know this. And Pelosi capitulating to the blood-thirsty horde in her party clearly backfired. The Party of Lynching of Negroes has Democrats leaving the party in droves.

Second, impeachment is so bad that Pelosi doesn’t want to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate. Whether the Senate dismisses it in hand or McConnell decides to call witnesses, Democrats lose. Certainly Democrats realize their lose-lose position. Lose-lose represents the only scenario for the feckless bunch of coup plotters.

But what’s worse for Democrats than impeachment is this latest revelation by way of a USA Today puff piece on Andrew Yang. Democrats want America to believe the Yang has a chance to win the nomination. The article is titled: Andrew Yang’s campaign has defied expectations. Can he win in 2020?

I can only imagine the conversation that prompted this article.

“Look, Biden can’t win! He’s a ticking timebomb of buffoonery that explodes daily.

Warren is toxic. She will never get over her identity theft, and she’s more shrill than Hillary Clinton. The last thing we need are reminders of that shrew.

Our billionaires don’t have the ‘it’ factor. One has the voice of a kid going through puberty and only talks of climate change and hatred of Trump. The other acts like he should just get the nomination based on his bank account.

Sanders is a socialist sellout, who’s polling worse now than he did when he faced off with Clinton. He’s old and he’s a broken record.

Thankfully we got rid of all our radical black candidates.They couldn’t even bring the black vote. On that note, our Latino candidate doesn’t speak Spanish, and has the panache of a monk.

Tulsi Gabbard doesn’t like us, and our other women are kooks.

Who’s left?

Wait…that ASIAN GUY!”

Only a few months ago, USA Today wrote Yang had no chance. Why the change?

Democrats don’t know who will win their nomination.

Despite having the Great White Hope of former Vice President Joe Biden, Democrats still look for any lifeline. They jump from candidate to candidate like Hollyweirdos switch spouses. Biden, Sanders, then Warren. After a debate, Harris rose, then ultimately dropped out. At last check, Buttigieg was the up and comer. Now only a few weeks later Yang is the new rising star?

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, Yang was the only Democrat of ‘color’ at the last debate. Which doesn’t bode well for the party determined to ditch the ‘old white guy’ candidates.

Perhaps Democrats figure with the black Democrat vote shrinking steadily, they need to secure a new demographic. Well Asians won’t save them, as they got all they need with Ted Lieu.





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