Democrats Switching Candidates AGAIN

Democrats can’t make up their mind who they way to lose to President Donald Trump.

It seems with each article I read, they have a new “up-and-comer”. When Biden entered the race, he was the preemptive favorite. Perhaps. And his number have dropped consistently since his entry.

At his latest event, Biden drew dozens of adoring fans. I believe the press had the count at 98 people. Sadly for Democrats, 98 people is the best any of their candidates can do.

The next ingenue, Kamala Harris surged after she challenged Biden on his obvious racism. Harris called Biden out for his segregationist and racist friends, and her popularity soared. A testament that Democrats love their racism, even when applied within.

Nevertheless, Harris’ rise was only temporary. Even with the short surge, Democrats knew they wanted no part of “angry black chick” politics. Harris out! Oh, and all the other black candidates as well, though Corey Booker and Deval Patrick seem to have missed the memo, titled: The Party of Lynching of Blacks…Reparations Paid Ten-Fold with Obama.

Next came the fake Indian rich white socialist, Elizabeth Warren. She was said to be rising in the polls, despite cheesy YouTube videos of her not-so-impromptu “beerfest”, complete with eunuch husband. Not much talk of Warren’s ascension these days, huh?

And then there was Buttigieg.

What happened to Little Petey? He was supposedly winning IA, though rocky roads lie ahead in South Carolina with black Democrats.

With the field narrowing, we now get news of the new rising stars in the Democratic Party.

In the latest Morning Consult poll. we learned that among just seven Democrats to have qualified for last Thursday’s debate in Los Angeles, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., entrepreneur Andrew Yang, and billionaire Tom Steyer each saw an increase in favorability after their debate performances.

Yang’s favorability rose 7 points from 27% to 34%, while Klobuchar (20% to 25%) and Steyer (15% to 20%) each rose 5 points. The figures reflect those who view those candidates favorably versus those who view them unfavorably.

So Democrats lose a dozen candidates and a few longshots get a small boost. This is news for Democrats! They love their polls.

But there’s more “good” news for Democrats. Because according to The Hill, Klobuchar’s campaign claimed $1 million in donations by Friday night, while Yang’s campaign netted $750,000. Steyer is worth billions, so no need to report his paltry earnings.

Yes, paltry.

Understand that on the day of “impeachment-lite”, Donald Trump’s campaign brought in $10 million. For Democrats who struggle with math, allow me to help. Trump’s campaign likely brought in more in a few days than all the Democrat candidates did in the same timeframe. And while many Democrats surged in campaign funds in the fourth quarter, none of them outraised Trump.

So where are they now?

The Democratic leaders in primary polling of registered voters were:

  1. Former Vice President Joe Biden 31%.
  2. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., 21%.
  3. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., 15%.
  4. South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg 9%.
  5. Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg 6%.

But there are more to these numbers, when you look at fundraising. For example, Biden was #3 in fundraising, though he is the supposed front-runner. Sanders was #1 in fundraising in the fourth quarter, though he’s #2 in the Iowa poll. Elizabeth Warren was fourth in fundraising, as she dropped in polling and fundraising.

Buttigieg was #2 in fundraising, but comes in fourth on the poll. Yang, who raised over $16 million didn’t make the list.

Finally, the man who needs no funding, Bloomberg is supposedly fifth in demand in Iowa.

I ask you, “Who do the Democrats want?” For those who say its Biden, make your case. Because the numbers don’t agree.

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