Giuliani Promises New Evidence Destroys Dems

This impeachment farce is much like an episode of the Twilight Zone.

Everything Democrats have done, Trump is accused of. And now we’re tangled in a ridiculous stunt aimed at discrediting our president.

You wouldn’t believe how many people have asked me to put the Ukraine saga in layman’s terms. And each time, I get the drift that they’re waiting for something more to make it all make sense.

However, it’s really a ridiculous tale when you string it together. Biden’s son had a shady job. He was raking in the millions. Then a prosecutor was going to look into it. So, Biden hopped a plane, and made it clear to the Ukraine. “Fire the prosecutor, or you don’t get a dime.” Yep, he planned to withhold billions. Fast forward a few years, Trump tells Ukraine leaders they might want to find out where those millions went and BOOM! He’s abused his powers. Wash. Rinse, repeat.

Any time I give this summary, I get a look. Then someone says “that’s really all?” I get it. This doesn’t even come close to “define sexual relations,” but that’s all the Democrats can muster.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Republicans have run out of ammunition.

In fact, things are on the verge of getting juicy.

As Fox News reports:

The Ukraine saga took several new turns in the thick of Senate impeachment proceedings on Friday, as reports surfaced of a private recording of President Trump venting about his since-ousted Ukraine ambassador, and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani made a litany of accusations about the Biden family’s dealings in the country.

Giuliani on “Fox & Friends” Friday teased that he would reveal evidence of “shocking new crimes” in the coming weeks related to the controversy.

“I’m going to present over the next two to three weeks shocking crimes at the highest levels of government while the Senate is listening to a totally phony group of stories about non-impeachable offenses,” Giuliani said.

Giuliani made several claims about supposed bribes concerning the Bidens during the interview on Friday morning. Giuliani for months has focused on the circumstances surrounding Hunter Biden’s past board position with Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma Holdings and his father Joe Biden’s role in ousting a prosecutor who had been looking into the firm’s founder.

The issue is what President Trump pressed Ukraine’s newly elected leader to investigate last year, touching off the chain of events that would lead to his impeachment.

“You know, I started investigating Biden two years ago when he was thinking about running for president, I’d never think he’d run,” Giuliani said. “I wasn’t investigating Biden, but in the middle of the corruption presentation, one gentleman said to me, well you know about the Biden bribe, and I said what are you talking about? And he said, well, ‘Biden, Biden got paid off, and he went, he forced a prosecutor out, not only did he get his son out, he got Burisma out.’”

Is anyone else picking up on the quid pro quo vibe here? Because it sounds like Biden strong-armed the Ukraine and got mad when Trump got wind of it.

But that’s not all, there’s more!

According to Giuliani, Hunter’s job was a ruse. It was merely a way to buy protection from VP Joe Biden. And honestly, that makes more sense than paying a guy more than $800k a month for a job he knows nothing about.

Fox continues:

“He hires the son of the vice president who just got thrown out of the Navy for failing a drug test, had been in and out of rehab for most of his life, was a failure in business and was involved in two or three other scandals involving his father before,” Giuliani said of the younger Biden. “Why would he hire this guy? I’ll tell you why — he was buying Joe Biden to protect his company… to buy Joe Biden’s protection for if and when [former Ukrainian president Petro] Poroshenko came after his company.”

Zlochevsky was under investigation by Ukraine’s now-ex-prosecutor general Viktor Shokin. The former vice president successfully pushed for Shokin’s removal due to apparent corruption concerns, though the probe into Burisma was dormant at the time of Joe Biden’s intervention.

“That’s only the tip of the iceberg,” Giuliani said Friday while asking: “Would you like me to give up? Would you like me to say OK, Biden can keep his $8 million that he got in bribes? He can keep all the bribes that they got?”

Obviously, we don’t know exactly what Giuliani has in the vault.

But I’m going to venture a guess and say it’s no small potatoes. In fact, Giuliani might drop the smoking gun Democrats so desperately wish they had.

Meanwhile, he teased on Twitter early Friday that he would give “some new evidence about the extent of Dem corruption.”

Later, Giuliani tweeted this:

 Honestly, I believe a lot of Democrats will soon wish they’d left things well enough alone. They could’ve put their heads down and muddled through eight years of Trump. In fact, they could’ve enjoyed #winning for the first time in a decade. Now, they’ll still have to muddle through eight years of Trump, while being trampled by the President as the walls come crashing down.

It’s like Adam Schiff says: Dems should be careful. They could be Trump’s next target.

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