Hillary Clinton Claims Facebook is HELPING Trump

Now that the Clinton family racketeering organization has fallen on hard times, Hillary Clinton hits the streets.

No longer do despots and other Leftist criminals throw money at the Clintons as they did in the past. With the loss of Clinton power comes the loss of Clinton caché. But as with all criminal masterminds comes a new way to profit at the hands of others.

Recently, the twice-defeated presidential candidate attacked Bernie Sanders. Considering that four years ago Clinton took Bernie under her wing and made him a multimillionaire, one must wonder what happened. Answer: a TV deal happened.

Clinton’s deal with Hulu calls for controversy. Controversy fuels the entertainment industry. And what better source of controversy than the Democrats?

And Clinton didn’t just attack one of her own. She also attacked another Leftist sacred cow: Facebook.

She accused Facebook’s “authoritarian” chief executive Mark Zuckerberg of intending to use the platform’s “immense” power to re-elect Donald Trump in the upcoming election.

File this under “Clinton Excuse #2144”, as to why she didn’t get elected?

Facebook “helping” Trump? Be still my heart!

Clinton lamented to The Atlantic of her shock at Zuckerberg ignoring political lies in advertising.

“They have, in my view, contorted themselves into making arguments about freedom of speech and censorship, which they are hanging on to because it’s in their commercial interests,” Ms Clinton said.

The comment is based on Facebook’s stance on paid political advertisements, which most Americans know are full of misrepresentations of politicians’ records. These lies are actually protected by Congress, ergo politicians can lie with immunity.

The rift for Clinton is apparently Facebook’s stance on individuals lying.

Perhaps Clinton wishes to understand why she, now a non-politico, won’t be allowed to lie on Facebook while others can?

Senior Facebook officials claim the public has a right to hear the free speech of politicians, regardless of their veracity.

In one article I read, they claim the Trump campaign is pushing a conspiracy against Joe Biden regarding his son and Burisma. The Independent called the claim “misleading“.

Here is a perfect example of why Facebook now takes this stance on political ads. Because in fact, this claim is in no way misleading. And the public is smart enough to figure things out, as we have. Biden lined the pockets of his son and other family members. He used the power of the Vice President’s office to do so.

Back to Clinton.

Excuses, excuses and more excuses. Clinton’s consternation with Facebook rises from her notion that Facebook is yet another reason for her loss to Trump. While she believes they inadvertently helped Trump last time, she believes differently now.

According to Clinton, Facebook is “not just going to re-elect Trump, but intend[s] to re-elect Trump”.

Does Clinton really believe this? Not a chance. But it certainly helps draw attention to her new racket.



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