Hillary Clinton’s Fake News Poll

Democrats need Hillary Clinton like they need a hole in the head. But somebody wants us to believe Hillary Clinton remains relevant.

Well, they aren’t fooling me. The fingerprints on this poll don’t need AFIS to know who the prints on this poll belongs to.

According to an online Harris Poll survey released by the Center for American Political Studies at Harvard, Democrats see Hillary Clinton as the front-runner for their party. The irony of course is that Clinton isn’t actually running.

Nevertheless, Clinton placed first with 21% of the vote. Former Vice President Joe Biden received 20%. Next, Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren receive 12% and 9% respectively, with former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg clocking in at 7%.

They survey 1,859 voters between November 27 and 29 of this year.

If you believe this poll, then you might believe that Hillary Clinton is the de facto president.

The Clintons are toxic. But somebody loves keeping the Clintons in the news, and I suspect the culprit supports President Trump. Maybe it’s Steve Bannon?

Democrats really don’t like the Clintons. Don’t believe me, just look at their larcenous foundation’s fundraising for evidence.

The once venerable Clinton family foundation raises about 10 percent of previous amounts; a real indicator of the former Clinton clout. Essentially what big money says to the Clintons is they have 1/10th the clout they used to have. And even that amount dwindles daily.

But the poll becomes even more laughable with Clinton removed. With Clinton out of the race, Biden moves into first with 29% of the vote followed by Sanders at 16% and Warren at 13%.

Clinton won’t run.

Clinton has repeatedly said she is not running for president again, though she did tell the UK’s “Graham Norton Show” over the weekend that she’s been “deluged” with pleas to run once more.

“I’d have to make up my mind really quickly,” she said, “because it’s moving very fast.”

Fast indeed. So jump in, Hills.

I liken Hillary Clinton’s alluding to joining the race to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s threat to impeach Trump. Like Pelosi, Clinton will milk the idea for all it’s worth. However, in the end she will not act.

Bloomberg said he wouldn’t run, then ran anyway. But rest assured, Hillary Clinton will not run. Her efforts currently are to rebuild her reputation, and salvage something from her tarnished legacy. She’s making the friendly media rounds, but she won’t dare do tough media.

Next, Clinton hopes that the pressure being put on President Trump with Impeachment Hoax will allow her a small sliver to snake through. But that strategy represents a fool’s folly. Trump won’t submit to the Democrats’ pressure.

What I’ve learned about polls is dismiss them. There are multiple polling agencies, and most merely work for whomever pays them to make the poll look good. In this case, Hillary Clinton used some of her remaining Haiti money to attempt to make herself look good. #Fail.


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