Hollywood Icon Shunned After Shaking Hands

It’s sad to know a football game is no longer a “safe place” where everyone can agree to disagree while watching their favorite team.

But leftists don’t want those tranquil moments of peace to occur between us.

Instead, they want to employ some type of mob mentality to keep the wars brewing. Such was the obvious after the championship game between LSU and Climson.

Vince Vaughn, famous for his roles in Wedding Crashers, The Break-Up, Dodge Ball, Couples Retreat and many other popular films, decided to speak kindly to President Trump.

Stop the presses, someone with liberal political believes showed the President a little respect! No wonder the left is in a tailspin.

As Jim Daly writes:

It was a familiar scene at a sporting event – amidst the action on the field, there’s amiable banter in the stands between fans. Catching up and carrying on, a pastime older than sports itself.

Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

Unless you’re actor Vince Vaughn who happens to be caught on video talking with President and Mrs. Trump at the national championship college football game in New Orleans, La.

Twitter blew up Monday night after Timothy Burke, a former Deadspin employee, posted the short video, which was taken between the action of LSU’s 45-25 win over Clemson.

It’s not known what was being discussed between the two men, but judging from the smiles and the handshakes it’s clear that the conversation between the popular actor and the Trumps was friendly. Although not previously associated with the nation’s 45th chief executive, Vaughn’s libertarian politics are well-established.

Criticism ran the gamut from the petty to the personal.

Some of the president’s most vociferous critics, many of whom embrace the “cancel culture” mentality, consider Trump such a pariah that they even suggested Vaughn’s acting career should be effectively over for deigning to even talk with him.

You’re Fired!?

It’s unbelievable that leftists want to ruin a man’s career because he had the goodness in him to show respect. But that’s the vile truth of leftism. No one should hold their own opinions. Nor should they allow others to hold their own opinions. Instead, it’s “do as I say, think as I think,” when you subscribe to the democrat agenda these days.

Daly remembers a different place in time.

During the eight years of the Obama administration, I had the privilege of forging a friendship with Valerie Jarrett, who served as a senior adviser to the president.

We repeatedly sparred over much of the president’s agenda, but we enjoyed a deep respect for one another.

When President Obama extended an invitation to me to come to the White House to participate in a forum on fatherlessness, I jumped at the chance. I disliked the thought of kids growing up without dads – but liked the people who wanted to do something about it.

As a socially conservative evangelical Christian, some of my orthodox beliefs run contrary to some of today’s widely held cultural norms. But that doesn’t prevent me from socializing with many of the people who hold to a different point of view. In fact, I think those relationships are some of the richest and most interesting ones I enjoy.

Unfortunately, liberals are unable to behave with any kind of class.

Fox news reports:

Siraj Hashmi, a reporter for the Washington Examiner, sarcastically tweeted: “Ladies & Gentlemen, I regret to inform you Vince Vaughn is CANCELLED,” predicting the reaction Vaughn’s appearance would trigger from the left.

It’s funny that conservatives repeatedly showed Obama respect he never earned.

Yet, liberals can’t even acknowledge the many ways Trump has improved our nation. We’re winning again. There are jobs. Trade is finally benefiting Americans. The economy is crushing every expectation. And yet, liberals can’t just shut up and enjoy a football game.

Daly adds:

There was a time when sports served as a unifying good in our culture but now even conversations in the stands are suspect and highly scrutinized – and criticized. Just ask Ellen DeGeneres and President George W. Bush – and now Vince Vaughn.

Shaming people into behaving or believing is a mistake the church has made in the past. God wants our hearts and from it flows appropriate behavior.

The left is repeating the errors of fascist governments whereby the mob determines what you will do and say, even who you are allowed to sit with.

Let’s be real. We need more moments like the one that passed between Vaughn and Trump. Because Trump’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

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