Impeachment for Democrats: Another Al Capone’s Vault

The Senate impeachment hearings are worse than Geraldo Rivera’s exposé of Al Capone’s vault.

To Rivera’s horror and embarrassment, nothing was found in the vault. And Democrats experienced that same horror on worldwide television.

Because of their zeal to impeach President Trump, Democrats revealed their nefarious plan. And the American people see through the ruse.

A new Hill-Harris poll shows that 60% of Americans do not believe that any new information will be revealed during the Senate impeachment trial. But the news is far worse.

According to the poll Democrats hope something significant will come out during the proceedings, with 61 percent of Democrats expressing hope for explosive news against Trump. So what happens when yet again the Democrats devious plan backfires.

Some say the plan has already backfired.

The Republicans torched Democrats in Day One of their rebuttal. But don’t believe me and just watch this synopsis of the two-hour response:

There is no spin on what happened on Saturday. Democrats were decimated. And the social media response was brutal:

Lawyer and Editor-in-Chief of Human Events, Will Chamberlain summed up what most Americans felt about impeachment. He tweeted in response to Schiff’s comment:

They literally spent an hour contesting the facts

And another showing how you, Adam Schiff, has deflected, distracted, and distorted the truth

I understans why you’re salty

Pat Cipollone and Patrick Philbin just humiliated you

Chamberlain suggests that Republicans destroy in less than 2 hours what took to build in almost 24 hours. And he was right.

The Republicans methodically picked apart every aspect of the Democrats’ arguments. They cleverly used the Democrats own words in exploding their arguments.

In this video, Republicans blasted Schiff about the so-called “whistleblower”.

Ouch! Three takes on Schiff about the whistleblower, then nothing.

And what of the President’s attorneys showcasing Schiff’s damning evidence of Russian collusion…that never surfaced?!

Filmaker Dinesh D’Souza captured what many Conservative Americans feel about the debauchery of the Democrats in this farce of an impeachment.

I’m really enjoying this . I’m not flustered the way I was with . There the Left’s sleazeball tactics almost worked. This time we’re onto them, and we have a secure Senate majority. So pass the popcorn and get on with the show

What else did the poll report?

Independents and Republican individuals were more realistic in their expectations with only 30%, and 25% of them respectively thinking that new important information will be revealed. The question is what did they think would be revealed. Because most Republicans didn’t expect anything to come out against Trump, in my opinion.

Thankfully for the Democrats, Republicans were focused in their attack on the Democrats. They only attacked the credibility of Schiff and team, leaving donkey (ass) carnage all over the Senate chambers. But they could have mentioned the Bidens and even Obama.

Further, the Republicans could have connected the dots of the Obama administration and their part in the attempted coup of Trump. For now, they have left his alone.

Nevertheless, the Democrats foresee huge problems.

With the media in triage, Democrats have no backup. No minions to come to their aid. Thus, after days of no damning information on Trump, and quite the contrary on the Democrats’ impeachment process, they find themselves having cornered themselves.

It gets worse for Democrats. And it involves that infamous “whistleblower”.

Apparently, the “whistleblower” was overheard making plans on how to remove President Trump from office in 2017. Is it any wonder why Schiff dropped him like a Meghan Markle blue-collar boyfriend?

I would suggest to Democrats they stop opening vaults, at least publicly. And they might consider working with the president and the American people versus against us.



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