Media Handling of Killings of Bin Laden vs Soleimani

You don’t need to be rocket scientist to understand the media’s hatred of President Donald Trump. For most Americans (with brains), the dichotomy is obvious.

Obama could do no wrong. If the man ate a hot dog, Leftists declared his technique “art”. When Obama made obvious blunders, the media lapdogs circled the wagons covering for his incompetence.

In contrast, when President Trump has good news, the media either (1) ignores it, or (2) spins it to be negative. For example, illegal border crossings.

The media went from cheering as thousands of Central Americans tried to enter the U.S. illegally, to wholly ignoring the massive reduction in border crossings under Trump’s plan. Ironically, Obama agreed with Trump about illegal immigration.

In this video, candidate Obama said he would enact comprehensive immigration reform by the end of his first term. He then vowed essentially to stop illegal immigration and protect America’s borders.

In the end, Obama did legalize millions of illegals. However, he punished NO employers who hired illegals and allowed more illegals to enter America than previous presidents. Put simply: Obama lied about protecting the border, yet the media played dumb.

And what of NATO finally paying its bills?

Obama never made a demand of NATO. As Politico reported, Obama “suggested” NATO do its part:

“I want to take this opportunity to commend Greece for being one of the five NATO allies that spends 2 percent of GDP on defense, a goal that we have consistently set but not everybody has met,” Obama said. “Greece has done this even during difficult economic times. If Greece can meet this NATO commitment, all our NATO allies should be able to do so.”

A suggestion that never happened. Because Obama didn’t have the guts to challenge the deadbeat “partners”. Most NATO countries saw Obama and America as the patsy who would keep paying no matter what.

That all stopped with President Trump.

Trump relieved American taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars by requiring our partners live up to a TREATY. But Leftists spin this windfall as “he’s ruining relationships with our partners”. What “partners”?

Next, consider President Trump removing America from NAFTA, a trade agreement where we lost billions annually, and replacing it with USMCA, a much more favorable deal for America struck with Mexico and Canada. The deal nets America billions. When it was finally passed, Pelosi acted as if the Democrats created the deal.

The list of hypocrisies is far too long to mention. From the Israeli embassy to improving healthcare, Obama simply didn’t deliver.

But the media fawned over this clown, particularly when he killed Osama bin Laden. 

When bin Laden was killed, most Americans celebrated. Sure, there were a few Republican politicians who questioned Obama’s authorities, but not the media. In fact, the New York Times wrote an article defending Obama as if they were part of his legal team. And the Times wasn’t alone, as many other Leftist rags chimed in to protect Obama.

I speak for most Americans, even those who differed in opinion from Obama in many other areas, when I say that I was ecstatic that bin Laden was killed.

My only areas of disagreement were how the media pretended this was a tough decision for Obama. To kill the world’s #1 terrorist when we had the drop on him? That’s a NO BRAINER.

Further, to hear Obama brag of the incident, you might think he was part of SEAL Team 6.

In the aftermath, Leftists declared Obama a god for making a decision a 5th-grader would have made. The same people demanding answers from Trump on killing Soleimani made no such demands of Obama. They didn’t ask why Obama didn’t go to Congress on that killing, nor the thousands of drone attacks on Syria and Afghanistan.

With Trump’s killing comes much scrutiny. And don’t be surprised if some Democrats don’t ask for “impeachment”, particularly given that their other try at impeachment is as popular as a prostitute with syphilis.

But this is great news for Trump supporters. Because the more clearly Americans see how the media and other Leftists operate, the more people shift towards President Trump. So let’s thank these hapless clowns for their overt favoritism. They fostered the biggest shift of voters to the Republican Party than any single group.

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