Scary Gallup Poll’s for Democrats: Trump is the MOST Admired Man

This latest Gallup poll likely scares Democrats the most of all their fake news polls. In fact, you can bet that Democrats hope this poll is indeed fake.

Because according to a poll taken every year by Gallup where they ask who is the “Most Admired Man,” President Trump wins.

Well actually, in 2019 it was a tie. But not really.

As it turns out, both President Donald Trump and former President Barack Obama were chosen as the most admired man in America by 18% of people. But you must factor in a few things when considering such results.

For example, the public grades Barack Obama on an Affirmative Action curve. So many Americans continue to experience the knee-jerk “I’m not a RACIST” response when voting for Baby Black Jesus. If not for such reptilian and frankly stupid reactions, Obama wouldn’t poll at all.

But for now, the public pretends to laud Obama, while privately using “rap” lyrics to describe America’s worst president.

On the other hand, President Trump earned all 18 percent of his polls numbers and then some.

I can’t think of any president or any human being who has endured so much jealousy, hatred, and vitriol than President Trump, save Joseph whose brothers sold him into slavery. The media attacked Trump, fellow Republicans attacked him, the Democrats tried multiple metaphorical political assassinations, yet President Trump is declared the Most Admired Man of 2019?!

It took some guts for Gallup to report these poll results.

Democrats react badly to bad news. Don’t believe me, just ask Congressman Scalise.

When Democrats hear bad news, lives are at stake. Cities invoke curfews and law enforcement goes on high alert. Because Democrats will pull a “Charlie Hebdo” over poll results like this. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that cancelled its company softball game, when they decided to report their findings.

Here are more details of the poll:

4 in 10 Republicans (45%) named Trump as the man they admired the most while a similar number of Democrats (41%) named Obama. A similar number of political independents chose Trump (10%) and Obama (12%) as their most admired man. (In the super-weird category, 2% of Democrats said Trump was their most admired man while 3% of Republicans said they admired Obama most.

This poll shows a few things. The most obvious has to do with the Republican results of 45 percent. These numbers fly in the face of Trump’s 90+ percent approval rating with Republicans. So you can bet this number is much higher.

Jumping down to the 2 percent of Democrats who chose Trump, note this number is actually much larger. Nevertheless, the scary thing for Democrats is the crack in the dam. Democrats know not to leave the plantation, yet 2 percent walked right off. But it gets more scary for Democrats.

Consider that only 41 percent of them chose Obama. Who did the other 59 percent admire, if not their black lord and savior? In a word: Trump. They won’t admit it, but this number is a real indicator of Democrat defections as well.

For the 3 percent of Republicans who chose Obama, I believe that. They consist of the Romney-Kasich “Republicans” who remain butt-hurt that they couldn’t achieve what Trump did. Good riddance, I say.

For all these reasons, Trump’s tie represents a win…a big win. For him to “tie” Obama shocks Democrats who fought hard to demonize a man history will revere as the greatest president of this era for sure.

And this poll shows that Trump’s fight and perseverance paid off.

I wasn’t polled, but I vote for Trump as the most admired man. I’m willing to bet that many of you believe the same thing. Tell us your thoughts.



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