Shifty Schiff to Trump: CHEATER, CHEATER!

As impeachment hearings heat up, Adam Schiff accused President Trump of cheating his way to a 2020 victory.

I remember a little game we used to play when I was a kid. We called it opposite day. Thus, we tried to do everything backwards. We’d put socks on our hands and gloves on our feet, wear mismatched shoes and eat dessert before dinner.

Today, I honestly feel like we’re playing a game of political opposites. Everything leftists accuse Trump of doing, they’ve actually done. It’s like an episode of the Twilight Zone, where nothing is as it should be.

Right now, Hillary Clinton should be sitting in jail for her crimes against America. And Donald Trump should be hailed a hero for the way he’s turned this ship around. Instead, we’re tuned in to find out what crazy accusation will come next.

Fox News explains:

California Rep. Adam Schiff kicked off the House Democrats’ three-day opening case against President Trump by accusing him of trying to “cheat” in the 2020 election through his Ukraine dealings, following a raucous first day of impeachment trial speeches in the Senate that lasted into the middle of the night.

Trump “attempt[ed] to use the powers of the presidency to cheat in an election,” Schiff, the top House Democratic impeachment manager, said in kicking off the House’s case against Trump. He argued the only remedy is impeachment — going so far as to question the legitimacy of this year’s presidential election with Trump back on the ticket.

“The president’s misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box, for we cannot be assured that the vote will be fairly won,” warned Schiff, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee who led much of the House’s impeachment inquiry last year.

Surely, he’s kidding!

Exposing Biden as a high dollar scammer isn’t cheating.

In fact, if you ask me, Trump is the real whistle blower. He was made aware of crimes, and he wanted them to be investigated. Thus, he made a bold move and told his counterpart to dig a little deeper.

Trump didn’t pressure Ukraine officials. There was no quid pro quo. Our President simply suggested something fishy was going on.

Schiff went on to say Trump believes “he’s above the law” and the president engaged in one of “the most blatant efforts of a cover-up in history.”

By now, I know your head is spinning, because once again the opposite is true. Biden not only engaged in inappropriate behavior, but he bragged about it.

How many times can we quote Biden before we become a broken record?

As we’ve written again and again:

…it is true that the elder Biden, then serving as vice president, told Ukrainian leaders in 2016 to fire a top prosecutor if they wanted to get the aid, there’s no evidence that this demand had anything to do with his son, Hunter. (However, the prosecutor fired was investigation Hunter’s sweet energy deal. And this matter is getting more attention with each passing day.)

In Biden’s own words, it went something like this:

“I said, ‘You’re not getting the billion.’ I’m going to be leaving here in, I think it was about six hours. I looked at them and said: ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money. Well, son of a bitch, he got fired…”

And while Democrats sit there, accusing Trump of abusing his powers, Republicans are frowned upon for being a voice of reason in the midst of madness.

Fox Continues:

“They are on a crusade to destroy this man!” Graham, R-S.C., said minutes before heading to the Senate chamber to listen to Schiff’s speech.

“The president will be vindicated with a verdict to acquittal,” predicted Sen. Mike Braun, R-Ind.

Trump, away in Davos Switzerland for the trial kickoff, praised the work of his defense team and blasted Schiff and Rep. Jerrold Nadler, with whom he’s tussled in New York real estate battles going back decades.

“These are major sleazebags,” Trump said from Davos. “It’s a total hoax. It’s a disgrace. They talked about their tremendous case and it’s all done.”

He added: “They had no case….It’s a con-job.”

Clearly, the President is unfazed by the Democrats.

In fact, he’s taunting them with teasers.

“I’d love to go, wouldn’t that be great?” Trump said when asked whether he would attend. “Sit right in the front row and stare at their corrupt faces, and I’d love to do it.”

The president joked that the press should not keep talking about his possible attendance or “you may convince me to do it.”

However, I’m pretty sure Lindsey Graham will shut this travesty down with the swift force such an exuberant hoax deserves.


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