The New Number 2 Democrat in South Carolina

Holy Mother of Midas, guess who’s moving up in the polls for the Democrats?

Before I answer that, ask yourself who you would vote for if you were stupid enough to be a Democrat? Although, you really need to hold your nose on if you vote Democrat in 2020.

It’s not a stretch to say that Democrats hate their choices for president. So much so, they revealed their racism by rejecting 4 blacks, 1 Hispanic, 1 Pacific Islander, 1 Asian, multiple women, closet gays, 1 actual gay, who knows how many “Qs”, and at least one poor person. All to select a rich, white, likely male.

As I’ve discussed on my radio show, Democrats didn’t just reject 4 blacks, but they rejected “Obama-like” blacks. Cory Booker and Kamala Harris were both junior senators, and light-skin Negroes with no Negro dialects. They were exact replicas of Obama. The Democrat voters rejected them.

Most disconcerting for Democrats on these rejections is the fact that black people rejected these two Obama lookalikes.

The supposed Party of Inclusion seems rather exclusionary. And it isn’t going unnoticed.

But who leads the race?

At this point, nobody really knows. All one can do is read the signs. For example, Biden has dropped since he began his campaign.

The preemptive favorite began polling in the low 40s and hasn’t been anywhere near those numbers since. Consider the favorable media for Biden, a man dealing with scandals on multiple fronts.

He’s a sexual predator, at least by today’s standards. Biden is a proven racist, accepting of Klan members and other segregationists he openly calls friends. The man is blatantly incompetent, flip-flopping on many pieces of legislation he’s ever supported then unsupported. But worse, Biden is a crook.

Nevertheless, the media props him up. They claim he’s the front-runner. And according to a recent Fox News poll released on Thursday found that Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden was leading in the early primary state of South Carolina. The Bible Belt.

Little city Mayor Pete Buttigieg seems to have fallen from grace, because the Bible-thumpers in South Carolina don’t like his “gaiety”. Biden the Pious gets their vote. But most surprising is the surge to #2.

It’s not Bernie Sanders.

Because Democrats have done everything to prove to Sanders that he’s not wanted, short of, well…”Hillary Clintoning” him. So they must alert Sanders to his fate (again) through polls.

So the #2 in South Carolina is none other than billionaire wannabe climatologist Tom Steyer.

“The former vice president receives the backing of 36 percent of primary voters (down 5 points since October),” Fox News reported. “Steyer captures 15 percent, up 11 points.  Bernie Sanders gets 14 percent (+4 points) and Elizabeth Warren stands at 10 percent (-2).”

Pollster Daron Shaw told Fox News, “It appears Steyer has spent himself into a potentially relevant position, as he’s knocking on the door of the 15 percent delegate threshold.”

While Biden’s 36 percent is impressive, note that the number has dropped since Oct. Bet that Biden’s number will drop again…and again. The man who supposedly thrashed Trump head-to-head can’t seem to beat the very beatable other Democrat morons.

And now we learn you can “buy” your way to the White House? Great news for former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Because he’s skipping the prelims and going right to the finals on Super Tuesday. Who knows where he will land with the Party of Super Billionaires?

Note that Liz has dropped down to 4th place. Apparently, only 10 percent of South Carolinans want Warren. Anybody think she will catch fire in the Bible belt? Or anywhere else for that matter?

Choices are grim

I would hate to have to make a choice among this group of misfits and scoundrels. However, as Socrates might have said, “You eventually have to pick your poison”.

Perhaps Democrats really have abandoned America’s tired, poor, huddled masses. Now the Party of Lynching Negroes want somebody with the Midas touch to challenge Trump. These days, Democrats make no bones about jettisoning their dead weight. Today, Democrats love their millionaire and billionaire men.

Honestly, I don’t believe this poll. If one were to dig deeper, I’m sure he would find that Steyer paid for this poll. But that seems to be what Democrat like to do. Pay for good news even when the end result won’t be good. Wishful thinking on their part, and fun to watch on ours.

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