Tide Turns: Schiff Running Scared

Clearly congressional weasel Adam Schiff is running scared. You can see it is his pug-like eyes.

Take a look at this video  from Meet the Press, as Schiff now tries to play the victim.

The show tweeted:

EXCLUSIVE: @RepAdamSchiff: “Look at the president’s tweets about me today saying I should pay a price..”@chucktodd: “Do you take that as a threat?”@RepAdamSchiff: “I think it is intended to be.”

Gone from this interview is the bravado Schiff has shown in the past. The days when Schiff thought Democrats controlled the outcome.

What a lesson for kids. Don’t be a bully. Particularly when you’re a pansy-ass Leftist who couldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight.

Schiff looked scared, because Schiff is scared. I’m sure the Republicans public flogging of he took on Saturday reminded him that he hadn’t looked far enough into the future when he and other Democrats began plotting the demise of President Trump. Leftists rarely play out their nefarious schemes, because they’ve controlled the process. But Trump changed all that when he crushed Hillary Clinton’s dream of world domination.

Who picked this current fight? Schiff!

Understand that the brouhaha came over Schiff repeating yet another anonymous claim.

In his latest LieFest, Schiff relayed that according to an unpublished CBS report by an unidentified source, a Trump “confidante” had relayed a threat that senators voting against Trump in the trial would ‘have their heads on pikes’.

When asked about this by Chuck Todd, Schiff deflects and plays the victim. I’m no body-language expert, but clearly Schiff looked like the dude in school who got his challenge accepted, and now he must meet his adversary when the school bell rings.

That said. Schiff is not afraid of Trump. Schiff is afraid the punishment coming from being caught in a web of lies the Republicans exposed on Saturday.

What caused the panic?

The fact that Trump methodically fights back. Even more scary for Schiff and team: Trump doesn’t lose.

Below is the tweet by the president that Schiff references.

Shifty Adam Schiff is a CORRUPT POLITICIAN, and probably a very sick man. He has not paid the price, yet, for what he has done to our Country!

If I were Schiff, Trump’s tweet would worry me as well.

Trump has a knack for predicting the future. His win. Immigration reform and the border wall. Muslim terror bans. Tax cuts. Trade reform. Lock her up! You get the picture.

Schiff will ultimately pay the price for his participation, even orchestration for his part in the attempted coup of Trump. Only a Leftist fool (redundant) would dismiss the writing on that border wall.


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