Trump Diplomacy: United States Military Takes Out TOP Iranian General

President Donald Trump vowed to chase ISIS off the face of the earth. Then he bombed the daylights out of them.

Trump signaled to the world early on that he would not take the sovereignty or protection of the United States, its citizens, or it allies lightly. But there remained countries living on the muscle memory of America’s previous president.

Barack Obama emboldened rogue regimes. Worse, he financed the worst of them, specifically Iran. And with billions of new dollars, Iran continued their spread of terrorism around the globe.

Then came Donald Trump.

The recent attack on the U.S. embassy in Iraq had all the hallmarks of Iran’s handiwork. President Trump had hard words for the mullahs. After all, Iran’s theocratic leadership has massive internal problems.

Protests all across the country from Mashhad to Kermashah, the mullahs spin many plates. And with a huge population of Iranians under the age of 35, the country finds itself at conflict. The youngsters know and want Western ways.

Nevertheless, the mullahs try to maintain control with iron fists. But Trump has devalued the Iranian currency and the country suffers mightily under Trump’s embargo. Under Obama, the Iranians found workarounds, as other countries continued to support Iran. Under Trump, things are dramatically different.

President Trump clarified the U.S. position on dealing with Iran: do so at your own economic peril. Do business with Iran or the U.S., but not both.

Iran found itself back into a corner. So they poked the tiger, this time stirring trouble in Iraq. President Trump apparently responded.

According to reports, an airstrike at the Baghdad airport killed top Iranian officials including their most revered General Qassim Soleimani. Early reports pretended not to know who dropped the bomb on Iran. However, the world knew the strike came from the U.S. military.

In a somewhat cryptic sign that the U.S. had struck back, President Trump tweeted the following:

Iran wanted the gauntlet thrown down, and they received their New Year’s present.

Now what?

For Iran, they are in no position to fight the U.S. As I indicated earlier, their military has been decimated, and their population is in no position to fight. If the U.S. wants to strike Iran, we can do so with practical military impunity.

One thing Iran should understand is if Trump decides to go to war, he brings resolve. I won’t counsel Iran, but I will say there are better ways to meet with the president.

The fallout from Leftists?

Given most Leftists worshiped the total military (and other) incompetence of Barack Obama, one can imagine their spin.

“Trump is a warmonger”, and so on will be their charge against the president.

Leftists wonder why President Trump would dare protect sovereign American land or American people in our embassies. Why not just let them die like Obama and Hillary Clinton did on 9-11 in Benghazi. Then make up some idiotic excuse for why America failed.

Democrat “leadership” will ask the president, “Why didn’t you tell us you were going to bomb Iran?!”

Trump’s response: Why would I fraternize with the enemy?!

Next steps?

Iran has a decision to be made. They asked for a war, and Trump gave it to them. The smart move for Iran is to take their punishment, and beg to get a seat at the negotiation table. Trump hasn’t rebuilt America’s military for shiggles. And he’s prepared to use it.

Unlike many other American presidents, when Trump starts a project, he finishes it.



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