Trump Team Takes Aim at Adam Schiff

Here we go folks! I hope you have your ring-side tickets, because this one is gonna be a total knock out.

There’s something quite hilarious about Adam Schiff trying to stare down Trump’s team with his crooked glare.

But that’s exactly how things started at the impeachment hearings. Schiff was akin to a deer in the headlights when Trump’s lawyers pointed out Schiff’s behavior towards the President. In fact, shifty Schiff went so far, he actually denied Trump due process during this latest hoax of an investigation.

As Fox News reports:

Trump lawyers Pat Cipollone and Jay Sekulow repeatedly ripped into Democrats, especially Schiff, on the first day of arguments in the Senate impeachment trial, as the House Intelligence Committee chairman — who is serving as the top Democratic impeachment manager — sat up straight in his chair and didn’t take his eyes off his accusers.

The lawyers invoked Schiff’s name over and over again, accusing him of hiding documents, conducting an unfair impeachment inquiry and fabricating the text of the July 25 phone call between Trump and the president of Ukraine.

Just as Schiff sat down from making a lengthy opening case for new witnesses and documents, Sekulow took over and with a booming voice accused Schiff of telling falsehoods and “put[ting] words into transcripts that did not exist.”

Schiff kept his eyes wide open and glued on Sekulow, possibly aghast that Trump’s lawyers were putting him on trial.

Then it was Cipollone’s turn. He said it was “difficult” to hear Schiff tell his “tale.” He laid into Schiff even more and accused his staff of working with the Ukraine whistleblower, “contrary to his prior statements.”

“Will Mr. Schiff give documents,” Cipollone pressed.

Schiff stared down Cipollone and didn’t flinch.

Trump’s lawyer then blasted Schiff for taking dramatic liberties with the phone call Trump had with the president of Ukraine, rather than reading the call transcript exactly during an impeaching hearing.

Sadly, Schiff isn’t even bothered by his outrageous lies.

Phony Phone Call

It’s almost as if Schiff is speaking of a completely different phone call. Because his claims against the President don’t match the transcripts, or the statement from Ukraine officials.

Fox continues:

“He manufactured a false version of that call,” Cipollone said. “He read it to the American people, and he didn’t tell them it was a complete fake. Do you want to know about due process? I’ll tell you about due process. Never before in the history of our country has a president been confronted with this kind of impeachment proceeding in the House.”

Schiff remained stoic under attack. Though at one point, he turned to face the Democratic impeachment lawyers seated across the table from him and shook his head when Cipollone accused him of blocking Republicans to the secret impeachment proceedings in the House basement known as the SCIF.


“They have no witnesses to absolve the president of the facts,” Schiff said.


I can’t believe Democrats have the audacity to say Trump has no witnesses. First of all, the President is innocent until proven guilty, according to our constitution. Secondly, democrats spent the past three years investigating crimes that have no witnesses.

If we rewind to the Russian collusion investigation, we are faced with lying Adam Schiff, and no witnesses to back him up. Isn’t that ironic? Actually, Schiff even blocked the testimony of those who could shed real light on the situation.

Then, as soon as the Mueller report failed to sink Trump, Schiff showed his desperation. He immediately started looking for another way to get rid of the president.

But what did we end up learning? That Schiff himself was tied to Fusion GPS, backers of the Steele Dossier.

As we reported back in April:

Sometimes such scrutiny inevitably turns to questions of hypocrisy.

Which bring us to the issue of some photographs taken at the prestigious Aspen security conference last July.

They show Schiff meeting at the event with Fusion GPS Founder Glenn Simpson, one of the key and most controversial figures in the Russia collusion scandal. Both men insisted to me through spokesmen that they met only briefly last July.

This meeting sounds much like the Clinton-Lynch meeting on the tarmac where “golf and grandchildren” were discussed.

At this point, Nancy Pelosi was forced to face facts. The Russian narrative was a bust. So, democrats dreamed up another fiction-packed plot.

Stolen Script

The only problem with the Democrats’ plan is this. Everything Trump is being accused of, Biden actually did. And bragged about it. After Biden’s crooked son collected millions through his fake seat on the Board of Directors for an energy company, an investigation commenced. But Biden put a stop to it real fast, by withholding military aid.

In Biden’s own words, it went something like this:

“I said, ‘You’re not getting the billion.’ I’m going to be leaving here in, I think it was about six hours. I looked at them and said: ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money. Well, son of a bitch, he got fired…”

Of course, that sounds a lot like quid pro quo if you ask me. But I digress. Apparently, it’s not okay to call Biden out for his scandalous lies. But it’s perfectly acceptable to crucify the president for crimes he never committed. I’m starting to catch on here.





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