Women’s March Forebodes BAD SIGN for Democrats

Where are all the vagina-clad feministas from 2016? Finally shaving their armpits?

Because based on the new numbers, the Women’s Movement lost ground.

The first marches in 2017 drew millions of participants, as hundreds of thousands of people flocked to rallies in cities across the country on the day after President Donald Trump was inaugurated. Just that year’s D.C. march drew close to 1 million people. However, this year, the Vag-a-Palooza didn’t come close to a million in all locations combined.

As NBC reported,

Thousands gathered in cities across the country Saturday as part of the nationwide Women’s March rallies focused on issues such as climate change, pay equity, reproductive rights and immigration.

So even adding climate change and immigration women couldn’t get anywhere near the participation they had in previous years?

But what does climate have to do with women’s rights? According to Leftist hagbeasts, God is a WOMAN.

And what about this shift to immigration? Do these women realize what happens to Central American and Mexican women trekking across the desert to get to the United States of America? Sexual assault, even death!

Despite the oppressive patriarchal society built by men hell bent on colonizing the underdeveloped world, these women risk rape and other atrocities. All to be shorted to $0.18 an hour compared to men and to have the rights to kill babies indiscriminately.

I say to these women, “Are you sure you want to leave your sh*thole countries to come to what Leftists call a God-forsaken cesspool!?”.

Even American women see the hypocrisy of this #MeToo Movement:

NBC continues,

Hundreds showed up in New York City and thousands in Washington, D.C. for the rallies, which aim to harness the political power of women, although crowds were noticeably smaller than in previous years. Marches were scheduled Saturday in more than 180 cities.

You must “read between the lines” when interpreting Leftist drivel. Note the word “scheduled” used to describe the number of marches. You can bet this protest occurred in far less than 180 cities, as they didn’t bother to tell us the “actual” number of cities hosting rallies. Why?

Fallopian tubes in tact, women all over America celebrated their families, and their newfound savings and free time, all thanks to President Donald Trump. Thus, women no longer waste time being pissed off about their lives. In fact, many of these women have become, wait for it…Trump supporters!

But the genital-hat-wearing hags pretended to have purpose, as their dwindling numbers participated in the “Rise and Roar” rally.

Activist Donna Hill said to her anemic audience in Foley Square:

“Today, we will be the change that is needed in this world! Today, we rise into our power!”

And not a moment too soon for Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce, even the twice-defeated presidential wannabe Hillary Clinton. Perhaps one day, these women can achieve the American Dream.

According to NBC, Los Angeles hosted thousands. But there was a catch:

In downtown Los Angeles, thousands of men, women and children filled several blocks as they made their way from a plaza to a park adjacent to City Hall, where a rally featured speeches by Jennifer Siebel Newsom, the wife of California Gov. Gavin Newsom, Mayor Eric Garcetti, Rep. Maxine Waters and others.

Men and children? LOL.

Women’s March complete with eunuchs and the offspring of “real” men who likely abandoned these shrews years ago.

Siebel-Newsom in no way reflected what the majority of women believe, commenting on “the four years since a predator-in-chief took office.”

She credited women for mobilizing against gun violence, creating the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment and discrimination, and taking back the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives.

“In 2020, I have no doubt that it will be women who will lead again, rise up and move this country forward on a path toward justice,” she said.

Siebel-Newsom failed to mention Chicago’s violence when discussing her stance on gun-control. Nor did she mention Harvey Weinstein or Jeffrey Epstein in her comments about #MeToo. Instead, this year’s marchers danced around to their theme song, “A Rapist in Your Path.”

Clearly, these women don’t live in the real world. However, the undeniable reality is that soon enough, Pelosi will no longer be Speaker of the House. And it won’t just be Republicans who vote her out.

Along with the many rifts in the Democratic Party, like Warren v Sanders, Sanders v DNC, Biden v Sanders, etc, there are many others. For example, Women’s March v Black Lives Matter.

The article continues,

L.A.’s event was also expected to feature women’s rights attorney Gloria Allred, actor Rosanna Arquette and reality television personality Caitlyn Jenner.

Missing from the stage was the founding chapter of Black Lives Matter, the national organization that has brought renewed attention to police shootings of African Americans. The group, which has bitterly opposed the leadership of Mayor Eric Garcetti, a scheduled speaker, said it wasn’t invited.

“Maybe they should rebrand themselves the #WhiteWomensMarch,” it said on Twitter.

The ACLU of Southern California and scheduled speaker June Diane Raphael, an actor and writer, said they were pulling out of the Los Angeles event in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

BLM co-founder Melina Abdullah said rifts with the Womens March have also appeared in Chicago, Houston and Washington.

“The exclusion of Black Lives Matter in Los Angeles is shameful,” she said. “It seems that the Womens March really wants to practice what we call celebrity style leadership.”

Expect more rifts as President Trump continues to educate the populace on the destruction caused by Democrats.


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