World Leaders Predict Outcome of 2020 Election

The fix is in. Trump will serve a second term.

To bolster my point, I offer common sense. Since common sense sorely lacks with Leftists, I will expound on my point.

Unlike Obama who said he didn’t deserve a second term unless he cut the debt, America actually wants a second Trump term. This is true even of Leftists who pretend to hate Trump. They love their new lives more than they hate Trump.

Leftists like their new high-paying jobs, as well as their job mobility. Further, they like their new medical insurance they can actually use without passing a kidney stone from paying co-pays and deductibles.

Leftists love looking at their portfolios and that the kids no longer live in the basement, since they too have jobs.

Yes, President Trump has altered the fabric of the universe, bringing Leftists over to the Right. They can now just step into that wormhole and find themselves nuzzled up with Conservatives.

Americans love Trump.

Despite the media’s attempt to demonize him, Trump defeated them. And he did it in an uncommon way, politically speaking: success.

Along with massive domestic success, President Trump delivered on foreign success.

No longer is Trump called a Putin “puppet”. Trump made Putin his bitch early in the presidency, when he warned Germany to stop buying oil from Russia. And he’s continued leaving money on Putin’s dresser, after a visit.

North Korea? North Korea? Is this thing on?!

No longer is Kim Jong Un playing war games and threatening the world. He’s more focused on building his economy. And now that he believes Trump will serve a second term, you can bet he will remain on good behavior.

Iran. Seriously.

Sending a missile up General Qassem Soleimani made its point to the Iranians. Even the Trump-hating New York Times admitted that Trump’s economic policy “crippled Iran’s ability to wage war”.


Trump is a winner, both foreign and domestic. However, Leftists got use to failures like Obama. So when success came, they weren’t prepared; because the coup needed two things.

One: an unwilling and unwitting opponent. And two: failure. Trump was neither. And that’s how he dismantled the Deep State.

Many DC swamp dwellers have lawyered-up and prepped their bugout bags. Their day cometh quickly, as most astute Americans foresee. And so can others around the world.

So aside from common sense showing why Trump will get a second term, we have more evidence.

Check out what the Editor-in-Chief of The Economist, Zanny Minton Beddoes had to say on impeachment and Trump’s chances for a second term:


I was struck at not only how little attention was being paid to the impeachment trial, but quite how many people seemed to be taking almost as given that they might be a second term for President Trump.

So the mood, I think certainly amongst the business types in Davos was, you know, get ready for a second term, and literally no one spoke to me about impeachment.

Even Vegas odds declared Trump the 2020 winner already. Because the world can’t imagine Americans not re-upping on Trump. They see Trump for what he is: the best non-wartime president in American history.

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