Bernie Targets Trump: Most Corrupt President EVER

The supreme socialist just released a host of new ads. And in them, he asserts Donald Trump is the worst president of all time.

Time for a vocabulary lesson, Bernie. Worst means bad. Sub-par, less than ideal, decidedly not great. The word you’re searching for is preeminent. Donald Trump is unrivaled as the preeminent president in the history of this nation.

I just hate when we have to reteach politicians how to use adjectives correctly.

Sadly, Sanders laid down quite a bit of dough for his latest commercials. The first is completely comical. It’s titled “Nevada First.” In it, Bernie claims to be the only candidate “bold enough” to take on climate change.

Let’s not forget this climate plan is also known as the Green New Deal. And we already know this plan is garbage at best.

Fact vs. Fiction

First, the plan costs $16.3 trillion, minimum, to implement. Grounded completely in fiction, we’d eliminate fossil fuels by 2050. Instead, we must rely on solar, wind and geothermal energy. Ironically, each of these alternatives comes with its own set of drawbacks.

Wind energy is unreliable and creates both noise and visual pollution. And wind turbines pose a threat to wildlife. Surely the tree-hugging liberals don’t want to endorse that! Additionally, wind turbines are extremely expensive, just like solar panels. Further, solar panels have their own list of drawbacks. They’re less efficient in cloudy weather and storing solar energy is quite pricey. And the energy companies dishing out solar power can barely keep their doors open. In fact, considering Obama wasted $150 Billion for a one percent gain in renewable energy, it’s time people open their eyes regarding the truth of renewable energy.

And honestly, there’s not an electric car on the planet that can match both the reliability and convenience of a gas powered engine. Who wants to stop every 300 miles and put a seven hour charge into their car battery? This doesn’t even scratch the surface of the absurdities in the Green New Deal. This is the same plan that wants to eliminate cow farts to protect the ozone.

So yes, Bernie is correct.

One must be pretty daring to suggest a plan like this. Because it’s stupid. Referring back to his “Nevada First” ad, Bernie claims he’ll “create good-paying jobs building the infrastructure and affordable housing we need to keep immigrant families together and end the greed and corruption destroying our planet.” Look how he tried to throw illegal immigrants in the mix just for a few feel-good moments. What’s worse, his website claims Bernie is capable of mobilizing a nation and restructuring the economy the same way FDR did. All while taking on the billionaire elites.

Millionaire Bernie

While Bernie uses lots of buzz words trying to help the average Joe grow to hate rich people, he leaves out one small detail. Bernie is a millionaire. Heck, considering the likelihood that Bernie has plenty of “off shore” investments, Bernie could be a billionaire by now.

As I wrote in 2017:

Bernie Sanders hates other rich people.

Sanders pretends to be one of the “little guys,” as he drops half a million on a new beach house.

Interestingly, when Bernie Sanders was poor he attacked millionaires. However, now that Sanders is a millionaire, he’s set his sights on the BILLIONAIRES.

If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a thousand times.

“We need a Democratic Party that is not a party of the liberal elite but of the working class of this country,” Bernie Sanders quips.

He wants to give away free everything, from college and health care to toilet paper and vodka.

In his failed presidential campaign launch, Bernie warned “to the billionaire class I say your greed has got to end.”

Why not the millionaire class, Bernie. Are they not part of the 1%?

So all Bernie’s trash talk is literally lip service. Nothing more. You don’t see Sanders stopping to share his own wealth. He’s glad to keep his personal account alongside the one percenters. Meanwhile, the old geezer tries to throw shade at the president.

Trump’s the Worst

In a separate ad, Sanders goes for a direct hit against Trump, tagging the president as “the most corrupt president in American history.

“But the greed and corruption undermining our democracy is bigger than one man,” Sanders states in the ad.

“When we stand together, we will make billionaires pay their fair share, provide better wages for workers and equal pay for women,” he says, promising to expand Social Security and “guarantee health care for all.”

“I’m Bernie Sanders, and I approve this message because the future doesn’t belong to Trump and his billionaire friends,” he continues. “It belongs to us”.

Nice try. But we all know Bernie idolizes the president. They’re both rich, but Trump has one thing Bernie’s money can’t buy. It’s called a personality. And Bernie knows if he could just buy that, he would’ve retained his win over Hillary.

For what it’s worth, Sanders is leading the polls in Nevada. At least among democrats. But Wednesday, Sin City will host the next round of debates. And I’m sure Biden and Warren are plotting for a comeback.








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