Chris Matthews in Trouble Over Comments

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews lost the tingle up his leg for Democrats. In fact, Matthews could be part of Trump’s re-election team, according to some Democrats. Correction, some Democratic-Socialists.

Wins in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada by Sen Bernie Sanders (D-VT) caused Matthews to lose it. The host of “Hardball” compared Sanders most recent victory in Nevada to the Nazi invasion of France in 1940.

Below is that exchange:

Matthews even questioned whether some Democrats might prefer 4 more years of Donald Trump versus voting for Sanders.

Sanders supporters want Matthews’ head on a platter, or at least put him in a gulag.

Arun Chaudary attempt to be deferential to Matthews, while simultaneously slamming him:

Chris Mathews has been generous to me on a number of occasions, even blurbing my book. However, his constant references to political violence and today Nazism to describe Bernie Sanders campaign is beyond the pale. @HardballChris must resign or be fired from @MSNBC.

Chaudhary’s twitter profile:

Filmmaker on the ragged edge of Presidential image making. Please Vote for Bernie.Cofounder Abortion AF, Obama’08, Bernie’16, Kurti’19, Labour’19, ManyThings’20

Bernie Bro tweeted this:

Agree. He needs to go or support the Democratic Votes! Bernie will beat Trump!

Clark Feels the Bern tweeted in response to Chaudhary:

Comparing the Jew to Adolph Hitler is a recurring problem on @MSNBC. Matthews is just picking up where @chucktodd left off.

Larry Landaker had unkind words for fellow Leftist, tweeting:

My disdain for Matthews goes well beyond these despicable Nazi comments. I am well into my 60’s but find him hopelessly stuck in the 50’s, unable to keep up with his educated guests, etc. He is no longer fun or quaint.

Conservatives seem to really enjoy watching Democrats eat their own. Government Cheese has his popcorn and Coke.

It’s so satisfying. It’s like Christmas in February. Hardball Chris hating on the Democratic frontrunner.

Of course, calling Conservatives Nazis is par for the course for Leftists. As Derek Hunter and Deplorable Ken Hill tweeted:

I love how leftists get so upset over @HardballChris making a Nazi analogy only when it involves one of their own, but they’ve spent the last 4 years constantly making Nazi analogies about Trump without any concern.







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