Coronavirus Hype Timeline

Pandemic is an anagram for “Dem Panic”. And Democrats love panicking the American public.

But before Democrats sounded the warning bell for the coronavirus, they claimed President Trump overreacted to the coronavirus. Check out this tweet from Chuck Schumer.

Turns out, President Trump was forward-thinking in his immediate response to the coming “pandemic”.

When mocking Trump’s policies didn’t work, Democrats attacked the president’s lack of diversity in the team to explain the coronavirus threat to America:

Coronavirus task force another example of Trump administration’s lack of diversity | Analysis

As I mock the Left’s attempt to make President Trump a racist in all his actions, understand I’m not the only person who agrees that diversity for diversity’s sake is stupid.

Scott Graves tweeted:

Seriously, who gives two f*cks about diversity when we’re trying to solve a global health crises. Most would agree color and gender don’t matter. Just get the smartest people available and solve the problem!

I think most Americans, including Leftists, agree.

For example, when I want a cop to stop a bad guy, I really don’t care about the color or gender of the cop.

Or if I need a fireman, I don’t request specifics, like “Please send only the Latino firemen, Esse!”

Who knew that solving problems requires diversity, particularly if the problem is of global magnitude. This “diversity” issue makes me wonder what team the Chinese composed in their fight?

I’m going to take a (wild!) stab at the answer and suggest that the Chinese coronavirus response team lacks diversity as well. In fact, let me go completely wacky and state for the record I think the Chinese coronovirus response team is made up ENTIRELY OF CHINESE!

While we are on the subject of the diversity, let’s look at the lack of diversity at, well…CNN!

Tony B tweeted on CNN’s “leadership” team and posted a graphic from CNN’s website:

Robert Lawson noted the lack of diversity at the very Leftist Huffington Post:

That moment when you realized Trump’s administration is still more diverse than Huffington Post…

Finally, on diversity. Understand that Democrat presidential candidates will have a difficult time staying on the side of righteousness on “diversity”, as The Left Ruins Everything noted:

Apparently the Left believe as Jeanie D’Amico explains in glorious mockery:

Yes! I refuse to have my health protected by a white man, if you can’t offer solutions developed by black trans women, then let me die.

Recently #Coronavirus was trending, a complete narrative established by Leftist politicians with a complicit fake news media. But what do we actually know about this epidemic?

The Facts

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the coronavirus is about a deadly as the flu. In other words, while it is dangerous for babies, the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems, it’s not exactly the black plague.

In fact, here is a breakdown of the numbers:

A recent study from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) analyzing 72,314 coronavirus cases in mainland China found that while about 80 percent of cases are mild, the virus poses the greatest threat to elderly people with preexisting health issues.

The research shows patients older than the age of 80 had a 14.9 percent chance of dying after being infected, while those in their 70s were found to have an 8 percent chance of death. Patients in their 50s were about three times more likely to die than patients in their 40s, at a rate of 1.3 percent.

Patients ages 10 to 19 were as likely to die as patients in their 30s, at just 0.2 percent. The study did not report any deaths in children younger than 10, who represented less than 1 percent of patients.

The study collected data from confirmed patients through Feb. 11 and is one of the largest such samples in a study of its kind.

The risk of dying dramatically increased among patients in their 70s and 80s as many in this age group are more likely to have preexisting health conditions.

Coronavirus patients with heart disease had a 10 percent mortality rate, while those with diabetes had around a 7 percent mortality rate.

Men were also found to have a 2.8 percent fatality rate, versus 1.7 percent for women, according to the study. The overall fatality rate in China was 2.3 percent.

Thus, leftist scare tactics are overkill, to say the least. But as long as we color up the panel of problem solvers, I’m sure we’ll find a solution in no time.


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