Democrat Homophobes OUTED in Iowa Caucus

Apparently old black Democrats aren’t the only homophobic Democrats.

Check out this woman who wants to recall her vote for Buttigieg after finding out that he layeth with men.

Clearly this woman is shocked to find out that Buttigieg is gay. After all, he doesn’t look gay.

What’s most funny about her views is if Buttigieg didn’t pander to the LGBTQ community, this woman would have happily voted for him.

Buttigieg has deeper issues, as Representative Clyburn points out in this interview:

Yes, the infamous “black vote“.

One person commented on this video:

Mayor Pete has a lot of baggage left behind in the South Bend PD. Open racism and bigotry. Police abuse against minorities. Pete turned a blind eye to all of the complaints from the black community. Mainstream media wants to hide all of that dirt under a blanket because they want to elect a gay president. Pete’s problem in south carolina is not about people being uncomfortable with putting a gay man who is married to another man in the white house. I don’t think they even think about having a First Husband. That’s not what worries them. They are worried about his spotty record with minorities. Pete gets his support from the media and the elites.

While I agree with parts of the comment, I disagree that people aren’t concerned about a “First Husband”. But they are more concerned about a prissy Commander-in-Chief who will lead America based on his sexuality. Frankly, we had that in our last gay president.

But none of this is the real point.

Because the real point is the obvious and acceptable homophobia of some Democrats that the media and other Leftists comfortably overlooks.

Imagine if they were interviewing Republicans who openly admit to longstanding bigotry against gays. Think CNN would have so readily glossed over this point?

Since Leftists assume Republicans are all bigots and racists, didn’t the story of the Democrat racist they uncovered warrant more inspection?

Remember the Tea Party Racist?

In their attempt to demonize the most powerful political movement in modern history, the media needed to demonize the Tea Party. And a fake narrative was born.

Despite the Tea Party goers being the most civilized group of peaceful protesters since those who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, the media concocted the notion that Tea Party members were all cross-burning members of the Democratic terror group known as the KKK.

Democrats needed to minimize the movement that changed politics forever. So they obsessed over so-called Tea Party racism.

I was a big part of the movement, and recall the Leftist camera crews all over America looking for the mysterious character. I was interviewed multiple times about the “racism” within the movement, and torched many Leftists for impugning the great Americans who merely wanted an accountable government.

In the above interview, I torched David Shuster when he provided no evidence to back up what he was saying. Notice how he abruptly ended the interview. And as I said in the interview, no Tea Party racist existed. So as with Russian collusion, Leftists tried to create one.

Democrats paid neo-Nazi-types to become part of rallies, then pretended to have found that ONE racist. And in every instance the said racist was found to be a Democrat operative.

Understand that the real racists, homophobes, and other ists and phobes exist openly within the Democratic Party. But they get ignored, because Democrats won’t call out their own.

Thankfully, groups like mine exists to remind them of their vile nature.


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