Democrats Brokered Convention Ramifications

Who will save the Democrats, when their convention is brokered? That’s a question Democrats must ask themselves.

Democrats have no leaders or even a leader. For those who claim that Barack Obama is their leader, read my article on how insignificant both Barack and Michelle Obama are. If they had clout, they would be using it.

So if you believe the Obamas have a magic wand for the Democrats’ soon to be brokered convention, then think again David Copperfield.

But if not the Obamas, then who can save the Democrats from themselves? If Bernie Sanders continues to gain momentum, the Democratic Party will return to the Klan.

Yes, AOC, Tlaib, Omar and that black chick will all get seats at the presidential feast. And they will dine on the carcass of America.

Thankfully, for Bernie Sanders to win, he will need a LOT of help. And I suspect that help won’t come. It’s currently Bernie Sanders against the field. Though Sanders currently notches a few wins, in the end Bernie Sanders must be cut down at the knees.

If you think Democrats strategized to get President Trump, just wait until you see the orchestrations they pull to get Sanders.

Even Adam Schiff put “Get Trump” on the backburner to respond to DefCon1 alert that Sanders won Nevada.

“All hands on deck!”, yelled Nancy Pelosi.

Who knew Iceberg was the nickname of a vindictive Jew willing to bring the Democratic Party to its knees?

Can Sanders be stopped?

While Trump was tough, Sanders is far more vulnerable. He must and will be stopped. Thus, establishment Democrats have thrown down the gauntlet.

James Carville, Chris Matthews, and many others commented recently that Sanders is a guaranteed loss. Thus, he must be challenged by other candidates and vetted by the media.

Democrats finally have a suicide mission that doesn’t involve getting their asses kicked by Trump. I’m not implying that Sanders will kick the Democrats’ asses. However, their necessary torpedoing of Sanders means they torpedo the party as well. At this point all Democrats can do is attempt to limit collateral damage.

Democrat strategist for Bill Clinton, Dick Morris, said to Newsmax that a brokered Democratic convention could trigger a “civil war” the party “will never recover from”.

Morris added:

“I think that if Bernie is a candidate not only will [Democrats] lose the election… the Republicans have a shot at 60 senators.”

And what does Mike Bloomberg say?

Apparently, Bloomberg is quietly lobbying Democrat big wigs and their money men to flip all allegiances to Sanders his way.

According to Politico:

The effort, largely executed by Bloomberg’s senior state-level advisers in recent weeks, attempts to prime Bloomberg for a second-ballot contest at the Democratic National Convention in July by poaching supporters of Joe Biden and other moderate Democrats, according to two Democratic strategists familiar with the talks and unaffiliated with Bloomberg.

The outreach has involved meetings and telephone calls with supporters of Biden and Pete Buttigieg — as well as uncommitted DNC members — in Virginia, Texas, Florida, Oklahoma and North Carolina, according to one of the strategists who participated in meetings and calls.

With Sanders’ emergence as the frontrunner in the presidential primary, Democrats in those states have recently raised the prospect that the democratic socialist could be a top-of-the-ticket liability.

“There’s a whole operation going on, which is genius,” said one of the strategists, who is unaffiliated with any campaign. “And it’s going to help them win on the second ballot … They’re telling them that’s their strategy.”

It’s a presumptuous play for a candidate who hasn’t yet won a delegate or even appeared on a ballot. And it could also bring havoc to the convention, raising the prospect of party insiders delivering the nomination to a billionaire over a progressive populist.

Bloomberg isn’t the only one working towards a brokered convention.

Several candidates are doing the same kind of rallying. But they haven’t made it the primary focus of their game plan as Bloomberg is. Of course, you would think Democrats would shy away from a copycat of Clinton’s 2016 strategy. Heck, Bernie’s banking on it.

But Bernie shouldn’t bank on anything when it comes to dealing with Democrats. They have no compass, and they have no code. And they won’t have a winning candidate either.



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