Democrats May Renege on Promise to Vote for Eventual Winner

Bernie Sanders won Nevada. So now he represents the front-runner of the Democratic Party.

How sad and hysterically funny is that?!

Only a few years ago, Democrats cheated Sanders out of the nomination. But they paid him off. And Democrats thought they paid him to go away…for life.

That’s because they had creepy Joe Biden.

With the former Vice President lurking in the shadows for his turn to lose again, Democrats were set. However, as I predicted on my radio show, Biden will not be the nominee of the Democrats.v  b .,

Now the question is, “What will Democrats do to upend Batty Bernie?”.

Because anybody who believes Sanders can beat Trump is delusional. And while Democrats are the dumbest of all Americans, even they realize what a Sanders candidacy means: a guaranteed loss.

However, what Democrats fear more than a Sanders loss against Trump is a Sanders win against Trump. And they would be right.

As Fox News wrote:

Like Donald Trump in the Republican nomination battle in 2016, Sanders has become the implausible front-runner for the Democratic nomination. And like Trump, he doesn’t seem to be hurt when his rivals call him names.

“A lot of it is the same thing you saw happening in the Republican establishment four years ago,” said Matt Bennett, a founder of the moderate think tank Third Way.  “Suddenly in April they woke up and realized that Donald Trump could actually win.”

As of now, the same kind of nightmare that gripped the Republican establishment during Trump’s 2016 primary sweep is haunting Democrats. They are no closer to finding a single challenger to take away Sanders’ front-runner status than Republicans were to blocking Trump from getting the GOP nomination four years ago.

So Bernie Sanders is the new Trump? Now that’s fodder for any comedian.

A do-nothing, accomplished-even-less Democratic socialist is the equivalent of a world-renown billionaire-turned-president?

Nice try, Comrades.

Republicans finally have the Democrats right where they want them: fighting against their own candidate. In other words, Sanders’ battle only begins.

Democrats know that Sanders is a nutcase.

Because of the fact that Bernie Sanders is nuttier than squirrel turds, many Democrats will do to Sanders what Republicans did to Romney in 2012. Thus, many will simply stay home. Even worse, some Democrats will recognize the level of “crazy” Democrats have reached to nominate a Communist, and they will vote for Trump.

Sanders will get his base to support him, as he is amazing at getting fools to vote for him. Youngsters mostly support this clown. But he will not motivate even the Democrat base to support him. And this means certain resounding defeat in 2020.

It’s one thing to lose. But the level Sanders will lose will crush Democrats for quite some time.

Republicans get a front-row seat to the freak show of the Democrat primary. The Democrats’ attempt to make a viable candidate out of a political fraud. Trump will showcase every flaw of Bernie Sanders, including his luxury car and summer “camp”, as Sanders called his $575,000 cabin for which he paid cash.

But let’s not get ahead of our skis, as Sanders still may not make it out of the Democrat primary. He’s not out of the woods yet. Bloomberg will put many millions around exposing Comrade Sanders, and Sanders could catch a lot of Shrapnel from the blasts.

I predict Sanders won’t catch fire.

He won a few one-offs, which appears to give him momentum. But soon that momentum will be halted, likely on Super Tuesday. And that’s when Democrats will pounce.

But let’s say Sanders ends up the victor. I contend that Democrats who claim solidarity will abandon him like he’s infected with the coronavirus.


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