Last Colored Democrat Says He’s OUT

Andrew Yang decided to face the facts, he’s polling at less than 5%. Which means he doesn’t stand a chance against crooked dems like Biden, Sanders, Warren, or even Buttigieg.

One would think Democrats would latch onto a candidate like Yang and hold on for dear life. He’s well spoken and energetic. He seems to challenge the status quo. And he wasn’t the same boring old white guy Democrats passionately pretend they’re done with.

So what happened?

Yang managed to raise $30M. That’s quite a bit for a leftist. (Trump and the GOP raised $300M in 2019 for re-election, but who’s counting?) Yang even qualified for more debates than several of the senators hoping to land on the ballot. Obviously, something went wrong. And that something started with Iowa. The numbers just weren’t there. But Yang held on to hope, thinking Democrats would surely show up and support him once more people heard his idealistic vision for life in the White House.

But New Hampshire didn’t look any brighter. To be honest, I find myself a little shocked. Here we have a fairly young guy, the last candidate of color, and to top it off, he was offering free money. He’s a liberal’s wet dream.

In fact, Yang hatched a plan to give every American $1,000 a month, for free. A good old government hand-out. Because according to Yang, the economy is sitting smack-dab in the pits of hell, with no way out.

Of course, he probably came up with that plan when Obama was in office, and he didn’t update his idea after Trump rebounded the nation.

Mainstream Media Mentions

One has to admit, Yang is somewhat a media mega-star. Despite polling quite low, he managed to hit the headlines fairly often. In fact, my teenage son came home one day with a Yang bumper sticker (that we of course didn’t opt to use), and asked me “what’s the deal with Yang?”

Clearly, Yang was winning over the high-schoolers with his “legalize weed and pass out a grand” philosophy. Luckily, my son was looking to arm himself with the facts. Because friends don’t let friends believe looney leftists. At least not around here. However, I fully expected Yang to surpass Elizabeth beer-drinking Pocahontas with his promises. Especially when radio shows and news casts entertained the idea of Yang as a contender.

If you’re up for a little self-torture, just check out Yang’s December appearance on a popular liberal morning show known as “The Breakfast Club.”

But now, those same media giants are forced to face the facts. Yang is out, and so is their chance of bringing diversity to the left.

Rachel Maddow seemed especially broken up. “Now we’ve got Andrew Yang dropping out, basically at the bell on the right of New Hampshire. That’s consequential in terms of the overall field, right? I mean, he’s the nonwhite candidate in the field, and he’s now out. So, in terms of the Democrats contending with diversity issues, this is a real thing,” she said.

Yang’s Next Move

As we can see, Yang isn’t the mover and shaker he thought he was. But he doesn’t think his days are done. He’s still interested in playing politics with the big boys and girls.

In fact, he’s open to a lot of options. He’s willing to campaign for whomever scores the primary victory.

“If my efforts and exertions can help ensure that Donald Trump doesn’t win, then I’ll be there every freaking moment of every freaking day,” Yang said. “I’ll go fight for it. What are we doing here otherwise? What am I going to do, just watch Trump get reelected? That would be terrible.” And he’d be eager to take the right kind of job in a future administration, “a secretary of technology or even … one of the existing departments,” he said. “You know, I’m not a dick. Like, obviously someone like offers me something serious and impactful but we can help do some good work, I’m not going to be like, ‘Fuck that.’”

He’s even willing to consider running for mayor of NYC. Considering DeBlasio’s war with the NYPD, that might not be a bad idea. But I have a feeling Yang is looking for something more substantial. Maybe vice president? I mean if Joe Biden could do it, surely there’s a chance.



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