New Hampshire Represents HELL for Democrats

Former Vice-President Biden said Democrats could run Mickey Mouse against President Trump and the mouse has a shot at winning.

A funny statement, coming from a soon-to-be three-time loser.

While Mickey Mouse may have a shot at the presidency, creepy Joe Biden most likely will not. For the third time.

But let’s be clear; whoever wins the Democrat nomination will be considered a Mickey Mouse candidate.

Biden did say one thing that was true. The Democrats don’t know who they want.

How could they? The choices of presidential candidates for Democrats over the past two decades should embarrass them.

Al Gore. John Kerry. Barack Obama! But it gets worse…


Democrat candidates are so bad, they orchestrate to keep each other from winning. And that’s what they did in 2016, when the DNC and their media minions conspired against now-millionaire Socialist Bernie Sanders.

Recall Bernie Sanders thrashed Hillary Clinton this time 4 years ago.

In 2016 Sanders Democratic primary, Sanders defeated Hillary Clinton in the primary by a margin of more than 22 percent in the popular vote. Sander received 15 delegates to Clinton’s 9.

That victory woke up Democrats to the possibility that Sanders could defeat her. He drew crowds of thousands attracting young stupid voters, versus just stupid voters who normally vote for Democrats.

But the Democrats stole the nomination from Sanders, instead making him America’s richest Socialist and bona fide sellout.

Though Sanders wishes to spike the football in his latest New Hampshire win, let’s put his victory in perspective.

As I mentioned earlier, Sanders defeated the former Secretary of State by 22 percent of the popular vote, and received two-thirds more delegates than she did. But 4 years later, Sanders loses two-thirds of his delegates and ties with a no-name ingenue. That’s not exactly win, but more of a “win”.

So let’s segue back to Joe Biden: the man who doesn’t know how to win.

And neither do any of the other Democrats, including the two women who have never lost political races

Klobachar and Warren brag about their records.

But they won EASY races. They won races that were stacked heavily in their favor. Meanwhile, Trump made Obama’s numbers into chump change. Clearly, Democrats don’t have a way out of this defeat.

Anybody think there has ever been a more lopsided race against somebody than the 2016 juggernaut against Trump? If he won that, 2020’s a guarantee.






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