Obama Doesn’t Like the Democrats’ Chances

I read an article that Barack Obama is staying out of the Democrats’ political fray.

Sure. Like he “helped” Trump during the transition of power?

Here’s what the article reported:

The truth of Obama’s silence on the 2020 primary is that it’s not just about his obvious wish to stay out of the spotlight, but it also reflects a choreographed strategy. With the race looking more and more likely to grow bitter and messy, and maybe even wind up in a contested convention, the former president and those around him are increasingly sure he will need to play a prominent role in bringing the party back together and calming its tensions later this summer, including perhaps in Milwaukee, where the party’s meeting is scheduled to be held in July.

So he is committed to not allowing his personal thoughts to dribble out in the meantime, directly or via leaks, conscious of how any sense that he’s taking sides in intraparty disputes could rock the primary in the short run and potentially undermine his ability to play this larger role in the months ahead.

Abject nonsense.

Barack Obama, like all the elitist Democrats, harbors many fears.

And with good reason.

If it weren’t for their Deep State, many of the Obama administration would be in prison now. But Trump dismantles the Deep State daily, so these criminals get a short reprieve. While Trump remains the largest danger to the Left, Bernie Sanders adds another element to the danger.

The article continues,

“He says one sentence about being woke at some conference, and the Twitterverse freaks out,” recalled one of his friends, referring to the former president’s comments at an Obama Foundation meeting in Chicago that set off a firestorm. He and his advisors “are very aware [of the effect of] one word that Barack Obama says.” And he’s being careful to ensure he can be seen as an honest broker in June and July — a potentially necessary designation given both his status as the party’s most popular figure and the real possibility that Sanders, or another candidate, could enter the summer with a plurality of the delegates needed for the nomination but not an outright victory.

“Obama is going to look at the [delegate math to determine] the outcome. If the math brings someone [to the nomination], he’ll back it in full,” one person who still speaks with the former president told me recently. “His biggest dilemma is if Bernie is at 35-40 [percent of the delegates], and no one else is [at] 20. Does he say, ‘You have to go with who won [a plurality of] the delegates, and who looks to be the true front-runner?’”

Thus, Barack Obama would be right to worry about Sanders.

Trump’s success puts the Democrats in a tailspin. But Obama can try to convince people that his policies are the reason for Trump’s success. Obama currently tries this ploy, and President Trump promptly pushed back. Regardless, Obama will still try to ride the Trump Train, until Democrats find a new strategy to (unsuccessfully) pluck Trump out of office.

However, Sanders poses a different problem: he’s a complete failure.

Sanders would ruin America’s economy. And his performance as president would set the Democrats back for decades. In a Sanders presidency, Democrats would not recover.

So to think Obama is sitting back and waiting on the outcome is silly, tantamount to believing that Obama sanctioned a smooth transition for Trump into the White House. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Obama appears quiet publicly. However, he’s chain-smoking in boiler rooms with other Democrats as they plot the demise of Sanders. Eventually they will coalesce around Bloomberg, as he buys his influence.

Bloomberg will finally meet Trump in debates, where Bloomberg will be, well…trumped.

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