Panic for Democrats: Losing the Black Vote

My team has consistently messaged to blacks around various issues of concern in the black community. And what we learned gives me amazing confidence for Republicans in the 2020 elections.

To bolster my confidence comes a new survey of registered black voters that reports a significant number are disillusioned with the Democratic Party.

The survey was conducted by political action committee BlackPAC. The group found that while black voters still give a plurality of votes to the Democratic Party and align most with its values. Nevertheless, blacks more than ever feel that the Democrats no longer pay attention to the black community.

If you’re thinking, “Nothing new here”, then you would be right. It seems we discuss this reality each election cycle, and yet blacks continue supporting The Party of Black Oppression.

In fact, back in April, I commented on the black celebrities publicly taking Trump’s side. Men like men like Jim Brown, Ray Lewis, Kanye West and Isaiah Washington, to name a few. Then I added:

I’m proud to be part of the team of proud Americans who happen to be black who don’t look at life through a prism of blackness. While I am VERY proud to be black, I’m more proud and thankful to be American. I’m happy that many more black Leftists are waking up. And for the few I’ve help get “woke”, I’m happy to have dedicated myself to this goal over the past decade.

Clearly some things are changing.

Those in the Democratic Party who recognize the potential for black flight questions a few moves by the party. While President Trump ushered in the lowest black unemployment in history (except for slavery, as Congressman Jim Clyburn pointed out), Democrats were trying to impeach him. Black voters noted the distraction, as more than half of those surveyed commented on the neglect of blacks by Democrats.

According to the survey, 70 percent said they will vote for the party’s presidential nominee in November.

While this number suggests overwhelming support of Democrats by black, in reality those numbers represent abandonment by blacks. As a demographic, black normally vote over 90 percent for Democrats. This fact is reflected in the next data point, where more than one-third of all black voters surveyed expressed a desire for “someone else” to run.

Democrats offered over 20 candidates of all walks of life. And black people still want somebody else. Given the option to vote for the Democratic nominee, Donald Trump or a third-party candidate, Trump and the third-party candidate each received 12 percent of support.

If Trump gets 12 percent of the black vote, that’s 4 percent more than he got in 2016. With all the other issues plaguing Democrats, Trump waltzes to victory.

We will soon offer more surveys of blacks and advise on the results so keep checking back.


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