Pelosi Looks DRUNK After Interview

Look at this video of Pelosi almost passing out, and explain to me why we don’t have term limits!

Talk about not having “the moves like Jagger”! Look for yourself at how decrepit Pelosi looks.

Pelosi gets up from an interview and promptly heads in the wrong direction. While this is forgivable, look at how Pelosi walks. She’s literally bobbing up and down, looking like a woman who has been on a binger.

Perhaps her televised tantrum put her in a tailspin.

Pelosi’s looks like those fake breasts might cause her to topple over at any minute. Pelosi’s bouncing, even panicked Governor Mario Cuomo gets up to give her a hand.

Don’t mistake that for chivalry. Cuomo gets up for safety reasons for himself. He wanted to make sure Pelosi didn’t fall on him. But Pelosi pivots in the other direction, again bouncing like she’s on crank. She finally springs near the stage exit, where she’s met with someone paid to take care of the Leftist dementia sufferers.

Democrats should be ashamed to have people with one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel representing them.

This video reminds me of Hillary Clinton on 9-11 of 2016.

On this particular day, Clinton almost passed out in front of her SUV. Had it not been for a couple of burly Secret Service agents, Clinton would have busted that concrete with her thick skull.

Understand that almost all of today’s powerful Democrats suffer from some form of dementia or a debilitating ailment. Bernie Sanders had a heart attack recently, and has suffered from dementia for decades.

And what of Joe Biden? This poor guy is King of the Gaffes. When he’s not threatening to fight reporters or do more push-ups than his challengers, Biden is creeping up behind women or uttering Tourette’s-like gibberish.

Check out Biden’s most recent campaign guffaw:

Keep in mind that Sanders and Biden are the supposed front-runners.

I know, right!

These two brain-dead geriatrics represent the best Democrats have to offer. No seriously, these two represent the best the Party of Lynching of Negroes has to offer.

As for Pelosi, clearly the Botox has gone to her head.




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